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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Monday, June 29, 2015

Let's make a deal...

...there is nothing my grand-girl dislikes more than to have her picture taken, unless it's getting her hair washed or taking a bath/shower, but I digress.  If she sees you with your camera she will do one of the following; leave the room, crawl under a table or behind a piece of furniture, hide behind the curtains, you name it.  If you start to insist that she stop for just a minute and have her picture taken then the tears will come and really no body wants to push a little one into crying over having a photo taken.

So a few weeks ago at great-grandmothers house I asked Maude if I could take her picture (she had already seen me with the camera) and her usual response was 'no.'  We talked about it for a bit and I was trying to convince her that grandma wanted these photos so we could see how much she is growing because we don't see her very often, that we wanted to see her ballet outfit and her dance routine and have a way to save it forever and someday she would be able to see what a special, beautiful, wonderful girl she was.  She started to soften ever so little so I told her that I would take one picture of her and then put my camera away where she could see that I wasn't going to pick it up again.  She agreed but it had to be of her choosing, she would tell me when she was ready.   Here it is folks, the one and only photo of my beautiful grand-girl at her great-grandmas house.


  1. Looks like some serious thought before agreement was reached. never mind, beautiful, and one to treasure.

  2. A smart little cutie. God bless you all. :-) ♥

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  4. So cute! She is darling.
    If it is not a really expensive camera here is a trick that worked with one of my kids. They could take a picture of me first and then I could take a picture of them. That way I got several because they liked doing that- We just switched the camera back and forth. However, my camera was just a point and shoot--not a good one. xo Diana

  5. I have a granddaughter like that and for awhile she not only watched out for my camera, but she would alert her cousins to me with camera and the whole passel of grandkids would disappear. Apparently it became a game of evading the camera & grandma. Negotiations over photo privileges were the name of the game and for awhile I put away the camera when I was with grandkids. ( But some grandkids LOVE me documenting family times and asked me why I was not taking pics. )Anyway, I have to say your granddaughter is pretty, and smart. Avoiding public scrutiny is proving more and more to be wise , she is probably ahead of the times in this.

    BTW, now I ask the granddaughter if I can take pictures ( I ask all grandkids this )and tell her I'll only post pictures she'll allow. I guess that is a courtesy I appreciate too and it works for both of us.

    Love this post !

  6. ...and I LOVE it Joanne!!! She is growing so much, isn't she? What a darling she is!!! Love a girl who knows her own mind :)
    much love from me....

  7. Hey Joanne, a little negotiation really paid off!!
    Now next time she may realize that it isn't that bad afterall if she has a 'say' in the matter.

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