"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Q and A...your way...

...I usually like to comment on the comments as soon as possible, I'm a little late this time but I do have a question for you all.  How do you respond to comments on your blog?   By e-mail, on the post, not at all?  Curious, I used to e-mail a response but so many bloggers are no reply on their settings, then I tried to respond on the post page and wasn't sure if anyone was reading it.  Do you return to the post to see if I responded...should I just respond on the next post?

Well that is what I'm doing today so here goes;

thank you to those who read here and especially if you leave a comment, it truly does make my day and makes my heart smile.

Nancy; my new prosthesis is called Limblogic and is a vacuum system with a small computer that senses when I need my prosthesis to be tighter to adjust to activity or less if there is inactivity.  I have to charge it up at night and it has a special sleeve that is worn over the top of the entire leg.  It is honestly the most comfortable thing I have ever worn.  There are no hot spots and my skin has never looked better.  It can even be set for 'running' which I doubt I will EVER use! 

Pogo;  thanks for stopping by.  I am sure you are ready for summer to end...it has been a slow transition here but I finally see the beautiful colours showing off and turned off the a/c and went searching for a space heater yesterday.  Yay!

Linda;  as always you touch my heart with your sweet comments and thoughtful prayers.  They are much appreciated.

Kathy;  how was the fair?  It was here and gone before I even realized that you would be over there...I'm about two blocks away!  Yes I think I see an end to the apple/ tomato windfall.  Made lots of bruschetta, and marinara.  Got three apple crisp and a pie in the freezer and I think I have enough apples for one more pie.  Then I froze a lot of blueberries and grapes for later.  My freezer is just a tiny one on the top of the fridge and I'm almost afraid to open it in case of a landslide.

As for the header picture, I honestly don't know where it came from.  It was in a folder marker 'autumn' and I can't remember if I took it (really doubt that) or who may have.  If it's yours let me know!   Thanks everyone.   Take care.


  1. Good question ! I do read and appreciate all my comments but after years of trying to answer them on the blog post decided to respond via e-mail especially since some questions and comments seem to require a bit more info or an answer than I am not comfortable posting in an on-line public site. If I comment on a blog where answers or replies are posted after the comment I try to get back to read the comment section again. I am still not sure which is best, so try to e-mail replies as often as I am able. I have begun to run into the same problem as you though, I get a "no reply" and now blogger takes me to the google site of many bloggers where I get lost in which blog to respond to, who is writing, etc. Probably more straight-forward than what I just wrote but not as easy as being whisked directly to the blogger's e-mail and blog.

    Not much of an answer from me, is it ? I like what you did in this post. You really do live close to the fairgrounds , and not too far from me.

  2. I reply by email usually as soon as I get it, if I'm online. As you say though, a lot of people don't have email. Then I will either comment on my blog, or if I am simply saying thank you, I may comment on their blog.

    Sometimes I go back to a post to see what was replied; but only if I remember!

    I don't see anything wrong with doing it this way, either!

    Enjoyed the explanation of your prosthesis. It sounds really fantastic. Take care and have a blessed week, Joanne. ♥

  3. I used to comment back when I first started blogging ..... until I got some really nasty and mean comments from some of the pipe line campers. I chose not to respond. I was pretty disheartened, as some of the comments were sown right threatening. My followers rose to the occasion and responded to the ugly comments in my defense. I don't have as many followers at this time and I suppose I should comment, just got out of the habit. And yes, I do check back to see if any of the bloggers I read comment back.

  4. Comments show up on my email and I usually try to respond right away. The no-reply-ers are a category in themselves--what can ya do? I cherish everyone who not only reads but also comments! I admit I rarely revisit a page after I've commented--am I bad?

  5. Hi Joanne-IF someone has an email (and is not a no-reply) I always reply directly to them. Sometimes I have their email addresses even if they are a no reply and will email them separately.
    I, for one, NEVER go back to see if a blogger replied to a comment I left. I honestly just don't have the time. Some bloggers are NoReply by choice and that is okay, too.

    Hope you are doing well. I am finally back to blogging and visiting. xo Diana

  6. I will often go back and look to see if they commented back. Email is also cool too.



comments, comments, comments! If you've got 'em share 'em. If you are a no comment blogger I will try to answer back on this post. If you are...expect a personal reply from me! Cheers, and please mind those manners.

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