"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Monday, January 13, 2014

every picture tells a story...

...don't it. (*rod stewart)

there is a strange woman in my home.  I don't know where she came from or how long she will stay but she certainly has made herself right at home and quite useful.

 she unloaded all the spices from the cabinet, weeded through the old ones (some almost 40years old and never used)
 then wiped down the shelves and organized the remaining spices back in the cupboard.
 then she made a quiche (or 'quicky' as some like to call it)  Yummy ham, cheese and mushrooms.
 after that she baked a pumpkin pie.  We didn't have pumpkin pie this past Thanksgiving so I think she was trying to make me feel better about it.
I just hope she sticks around long enough to take care of the mess in the dining room, gah, Christmas decor everywhere!

She's full of energy that one, now if she could just bottle it up and save some for a rainy day.  By the way...it's raining!  Happy Monday.


  1. Amazing . Send her to my house, quick !
    Boy, I'm not even going to pull out all the spices & herbs we have stored away. On the positive side of it though, don't throw away those old spice cans, they sell for a pretty penny at estate & garage sales. Just ask my husband's family who got bowled over by people after them at their parent's estate sale.

    I hope that lady does stick around to help put away the Christmas stuff.

  2. Since I'm about the hit the rec room mess, you're welcome to come over and supervise! I was just thinking the other day about clearing out the spice cupboard..all I achieved was the "thinking stage"...but someday I'll get there! Good job and I hope the energy level continues!

  3. OH please send her to the North Forty. I honestly can not begin to tell you how much I could use her.
    While she is here I want one of those quiche's too it looks so yummy. I will have to get your recipe or hers. haha
    It was nice waking up to find a sweet comment from you this morning. I sure miss blogging and my buddies. We are Blessed aren't we with the friendships formed out here in this amazing blogging world.
    Thanks for such a heartfelt comment about Christi's Engagement. I find myself smiling every time I think of it. Since she turned 39 in Dec I think it's time for her to find some happiness and he is a good Christian man what more could this mother ask for except the lady who is visiting you right now. lol
    It warmed up yesterday and I loved it.
    Love ya

  4. She was at MY house yesterday...do you give her Sundays off? Got Christmas stored for another year. Now she has asked for a new vacuum cleaner so guess she will get one at the end of the month. She didn't show up today...can we share her? I need her at LEAST 2 days a week to chill out my OCD! Love you!!

  5. She was at my house for the past couple months, helping me prepare the house for the holiday visitors! I painted and painted, and purged and scoured... and suddenly my body said STOP... and she left. I'm glad she found a happy home for awhile... can stay with you until after Tax Season?

  6. Ooh. Lucky! ;-)
    Where did she find that pie crust shield? Would you ask her for me please? Thank you and have a wonderful week! ♥

  7. LOL- You GO girl! I have had that same girl visiting here. She cleaned the pantry AND unlike YOUR girl-she has put away the INSIDE Christmas stuff-lol My girl sat long enough tonight to work on her computer and play a bit of blogging catch up-but I like this working girl. It is snowing tonight-lots of snow so this girl may just hunker down a bit tomorrow- xo Diana

  8. That ame stranger went through my sewing and craft supplies and reorganized it all beautifully. Now if I can just find what I want, when I want...

    What is it about those January impulses to clean and purge?! Seems like we all got the same idea at the same time!

  9. I would just love to share 'her' with everyone but unfortunately after picking up the mess in the dining room she crashed for a long, long nap and then disappeared...darn!

  10. Could you please tell that lady to come to my house posthaste? I NEED her! But, on the other hand, a stttttrrrrrange woman in MY house has been on a cooking spree---which she seldom thinks to do. She went and got a beef roast, a pork loin, and a chicken and a bunch of things to make Brunswich Stew with last Thursday, and she set her two crockpots to heatin'--and well, you've never seen so much food frozen into 2-person meals! Food cooked in those things from Friday , stopped early Sunday morning, and started back up Monday through Tuesday. Her husband looked quiet impressed---and he won't feel all that happy when he has to clean out the big freezer tomorrow because of it-- but we won't tell! He's been retired now for 5 years--heck, I've never been retired in my life (and just because I never worked outside the home doesn't really mean I didn't WORK! So--he got to STOP, and I didn't...where's the fairness, I ask? ;) Anyway, those crockpots got us beef roast and veggies with gravy ---enough for 3 meals in the freezer, the pork loin, after I cut off 4 chops to freeze, made us enough BBQ for about 16 or so buns-ful worth in the freezer--and the Brunswich stew-well, we ate it last night, and I'll have about 16 pints of it in the freezer when I find my containers! I love eating out, and in--but we can't afford to pay everyone else's prices (can hardly afford our own! But..I hope you and your family are doing well, and if you find that lady that cleaned out your cabinets there--well, I'll send you my address! Oh! I just saw where she crashed and burned, so to speak! DARN! Well--can we at least have the quiche recipe??


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