"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Monday, September 16, 2013

resistance is futile...

...no matter how hard I try to pretend, or wish it away, or refuse to say the 'F' word...I have no choice but to accept that it is here.  Fall, in every sense of the word has arrived to my little spot on the planet.   The leaves are changing and 'falling.'  The grass is green again.  The dog is shedding like a madman having a hot flash.   It's time to put up the patio furniture (which has only been enjoyed for a few weeks), it's time to clean up the gardens and get them ready for rest.  It's time to rake, and rake, and rake.  It's also apple time, which is really a great benefit of living here.  We found a back way out of our little neighborhood this weekend, a little frustrated that we were 'locked' in due to road work, and happily found a farm stand.  Around the corner and up the hill, back down and over the river, through the intersection past an old church...you know right?  As hard a we tried we could not resist.

 tomatoes, squash and pumpkin, peach preserves,
 ohhhh beautiful nectarines,
 and crisp colourful apples,
 pumpkins of every size, shape and colour, I only bought two, for Maude.
boxes of apples, fresh herbs, sunflowers and
fresh corn with their little mop heads.

Ready or not here it comes.  It will be less painful if you just roll with it and hope for Indian Summer!  Are you a 'Fall' person?  (It really is my favourite season of all!)


  1. I like the bounty of fall, but that is it. I'm definitely not a fall person - don't like the colors of autumn, nor the shorter days, nor the early return of rain. We had such a glorious summer, I want it to go on and on. I've done all my canning and preserving - so give me back some sunny days to enjoy once again.

  2. I'm a summer girl, but my yard seems to be hinting that autumn can't be far off. The pumpkin vine has dried up, revealing a very orange pumpkin. I'm even seeing yellow leaves on some trees. But there are still pink roses for me to enjoy before the seasons change!

  3. I don't mind the beginnings of the season. But, it Falls into winter and the two of us have never seen eye-to-eye.

  4. I am totally a Fall person. Just call me your Fall guy, I mean gal.
    My mood always improves. I nest. I cook more. I breathe in the cooler air first thing in the morning and I love it.
    The bounty from the gardens also makes me feel wonderful, just looking at it.

  5. We need one of those stands here! All they have here are gourds. There are some cucumbers and banana peppers, but not a lot.

    They're redoing our road, too. Dusty!

    Still in the mid-90s here! ;-)

  6. I am totally and completely a fall girl! It has always been my favorite season since i was a child! It has arrived here in Michigan too. We went from really hot (in the upper 90s) to the mid 60s in one week and it has stayed cool. I have ordered my leggings to wear underneath my skirts and dresses for the winter. Yup, it is that time of year. I just need to get some socks and a couple more pairs of leggings and then i will be set for the winter. It is so beautiful here too today. So simply beautiful! I was out earlier and marveled at the weather. I hope you are recovering well and doing great!!!!


  7. I am with you on this Joanne! Fall is my FAVOURITE season alright! Best of all the fresh cool air, then the veggies and fruit available everywhere, and around here (in the city) seeing all the students, tens of thousands, returning to universities and enlivening the city again till spring.
    Look at that harvest you guys have gotten. can't beat this time of year! Enjoy!

  8. I am a Fall person and the weather has jumped around from warm to very chilly...37de this morning! I'm going to get my decorations up and hit the apple orchard this weekend. Enjoy your favorite season!

  9. Definitely a Fall Girl! It's all about the colors and smells for me...cobalt grey skies with blazing yellow and orange maple trees contrasted against them, misty mornings and clear crisp afternoons...and the food. Don't get me started on the food! :)


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