"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Thursday, September 12, 2013

blog fodder...

 ...in the history of blogdom this may be the most random post ever published.  And why?  I'm not sure of the answer to that.  I have so much stuff in my head, so many fantastic ideas for posts and when I sit down, well, the words don't come.   This is going to be a post summary of all that nonsense in that little head of mine.

What I did on my summer vacation.  I made a list.  A list of all the wonderful things I wanted to do this summer in all my free time.  Fate had a different plan as it usually does and I ended up spending most of my summer in the hospital or recovering from the hospital.  A few things on that list did happen but a few will have to join the Fall list...in progress.

My hydrangeas, which were plucked from the wet grass after a huge thunderstorm, seem to be drying quite well.  Maybe lack of attention is the way to dry them.  Put 'em in a pitcher, set them on a table, walk away.  About two weeks later take their picture to show everyone how pretty they are.

the chair was an item on my list.  I wanted something I could paint and then keep outside in my secret garden.  Found this one at GW on senior day for $4.99...less the 20percent.  Now all I have to do is give it another quick coat of paint.

this picture is rather dark but if you look hard you can see that my dog has grown a Mohawk.  This is not usual for his breed and he is greatly over due for a trip to the spa.  He will be looking nice, clean and fresh by weeks end and I will be $$$$ none the less.  Awwww, but we love him.

during my long incarceration recovery it was very difficult for me to keep up with all the household chores.  Those that could be done from a sitting position were kept up with but those out of reach, well, let's just say if I had a housekeeper I would have to fire her/him.   I noticed this lovely dust bunny growing in the kitchen window last night...it's still there if you want to come over and help.

And finally, thank goodness, I was able to go to my grandboys house last weekend, park my wheelchair in the garage and crawl up the stairs to visit him.  Now that is grandma love for you!!  I particularly like this picture as you can see that he has the red hair and gorgeous blue eyes.  He is definitely wearing his Scottish/Irish heritage. 

hamm at 9months
that is all I will subject you to for now but don't worry I am sure randomness will hit me again, and often.  After all it's part of my name!  Happy, happy all.


  1. Loved the randomness of this post, Joanne. I think you did a remarkable job of keeping up with life in spite of all your trips to the hospital and all you went through. And, although you had a few "downs" you certainly stayed "up" a lot more than most people would have.
    Your little red headed, eyed baby is just darling. I have one of those that I am going to go visit tomorrow. He has the same coloring as your baby and so does his Mama (my youngest daughter). My father would have said he looks like an Irish roadmap. lol Have a great night-love to you- Diana

  2. That sweet baby does look Irish. Sorry to hear about your trouble.
    You have tennasity and that's what it takes to get through life.

  3. I simply adore your randomness!!!!! It is awesome! i am glad you are recovering! The picture of that grandbaby boy is simply adorable! What a cutie! I am also of the Celtic heritage. i have the almost black hair and the super duper pure pale skin of the celts. We do have some native canadian in us but I didn't get any of it, that went to the older brother. He is much darker than I although we have the same color hair. I even have hair darker than Calli and she is asian! It is kind of weird to realize that. Today is a quiet day around here. I have 2 lessons, one of which I have already had. I may have tea with my friend, Star this evening! I hope you have an amazing afternoon and evening!


  4. Loved your blog post, Jojo. I too have a red headed grandson, Matthew, but he is 18 and a senior in high school.
    Your summer and my summer wasn't to good. I do love your attitude although! I am trying to pack my house for our move next month and it's hard.
    Fall weather is coming in here tomorrow, it's been very hot this week, I am looking forward to cooler temps. We need to get the garage straightened out!!
    You are in my prayers love. Keep the randomness up! I love it!!!
    God Bless~

  5. Joanne, these are the BEST kind of posts!! It was like sitting with you having a conversation.
    Interesting how 'life' does change our plans at times. Nothing to do but go along with it.
    You really putting that nice chair in your garden?!

    Grandma you have an adorable grandson!!

  6. Good to hear you're getting out some. Pretty soon, maybe you can hop. ;)

  7. Sweetie--I love your randomness--if that's what you want to call it! My gosh--you have been through it haven't you! I's so hoping that you're getting straightened out and will be walking with your new leg soon. Yes--a grandmother's love is crawling up the stairs to see her grandbaby--no doubt about it! I pray you will be "all together" very, very soon, Sweetpea! That little redhead is SOOOOOO cute.

  8. It's been a difficult summer for you, but you've had the best attitude and those pesky dust bunnies will just have to wait! I have the same ones in my windowsills and I didn't spend my summer in the hospital..wait, I did spend it there but I got paid to be there! I also received the book in the mail! Thanks so much! You are busy enough and still took time to mail that out. Thanks again and I'm enjoying reading through it and maybe even attempt a project or two! Thank you dear Jo!

  9. I like random. And you're blogging a whole lot more than I have been...so kudoes!

  10. Your Mohawky-dog is gorgeous (and I love the darkness of the photo), the chair was a steal and life is too short to worry about dust bunnies. Spray it with some glitter spray and say you meant for it to be there ;)

  11. Ohhh....I would crawl up the stairs to kiss that sweet grand baby too! What a cutie he is! Your hydrangeas are indeed looking wonderful, and hey...so what if you have a few cob webs! Enjoyed your post and thank you so much for visiting!

  12. Hope you get back to normal soon. Frustrating to be incapacitated. I can probably top your dust bunny and raise you a ton more. I may wake up one morning and not be able to get out of bed due to cobwebs covering me.
    I don't have grand kids but I can appreciate the special love you must feel. The kids feel it too. Grandparents are so important in a child's life especially as they become teens.

  13. That boy is growing like a weed! Can he really be that big already? I seem to recall that he was a challenge to take care of when he was itty bitty. I trust that has changed...he looks very well-nourished and yes, very Irish...lucky boy! Red hair is such a wonderful, rare feature...I love it!

  14. Your grandson is so cute ! I always hoped for a red-haired child or grandchild, but no. Maybe a great-grandchild of such lovely hair will come along...I can hope.

    I am sorry to read you've been side-lined this summer to a wheelchair and very impressed you left it in the garage to crawl for a visit with your grandson.

    Random is really the way my summer has gone too. Nothing has gone as planned, most plans have gone awry and I am seriously exhausted, but we grannies have a way of keeping going anyway, don't we ?

    That is an impressive dust bunny, almost big enough to warrant status as a family pet. :)


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