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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pig up...

my husbands Uncle was a pig.  Or is that a hog?  In real life he was the most genial, gentleman I've ever known...accepting me into the 'family' long before my in-laws did, but then again I wasn't his daughter in law so he could have been making an exception!  Anyway, back to my point; my husbands Uncle was a hog buyer.  He lived in Iowa, where all the best hogs live, and was a buyer for a major company that produces pig/hog products...such as bacon.

When he passed away a few months ago and after his estate had been settled there was a box or two of items that no one was really interested in.  I suppose they were slated for the church auction or some one of the many other causes he was involved in.

We were at the house and asked about the boxes and no one seemed interested in the pig platter.  I don't remember ever seeing the platter in use before, or at all, but nothing said "Uncle" to me more than that hog did when we saw him.

We took him home, cleaned him up a little, and decided that we had no idea what to do with him.  I didn't want to put him in the cupboard and forget about it, or put it in the China cabinet as it is quite heavy so it seemed my only other option was to put him on the wall.  We set to super-gluing two small hooks on the back and hung a picture frame wire between them.  Then hung it on a nail secured to the wall.   I have an odd penchant for old frames and looked through my stash only to find this one that was just about right.

So up he went on the dining room wall.  I have a gallery wall on one side of the dining room and after taking down a large mirror and rearranging a few things he fit right in.  Now when I walk by I can't help but smile and think of the wonderful man that I knew as Uncle, as if he was my own.  I also can't help but mutter..."pig up."

How many people do you know that have a pewter hog hanging in their dining room?  "Pig- up y'all."


  1. I LOVE this Joanne! Looks very well done too. I like the head and tail detail. I am sure 'uncle' would be pleased with your choice of placement. Again I am so impressed with your 'eye' for art.
    Have a wonderful weekend Joanne.

  2. Our house is known far and wide as being weirdly built and decorated. But I can honestly say we do NOT have a pig up anywhere. I'm wildly jealous about the pig platter and absolutely love the story behind it- that's how all our stuff is- all with a story and/or history.
    Enjoy the pig- and the frame is an awesome finish for him :)

  3. No pigs in my house Ms. J! Is that a good thing? :)



  4. Oh, sweet Joanne I love it!! The dining room is the perfect place and what a wonderful way to honor and remember your uncle. You have displayed it nicely!! Hugs

  5. Super idea and guess what? It works!!

    Pig Out!!


  6. Oh my gosh is that just the cutest!!

  7. What a wonderful memory and tribute. I love the way you hung that...it's now a work of art!

  8. What a wonderful memorial. It looks great, Joanne.
    Have a blessed, Pig Out week!

  9. That is the cutest old platter...love Mr. Piggy's expression!

  10. That has to be the cutest thing!!! I love how you hung it!! Very talented my friend!!! Love ya!!!

    God Bless~

  11. Perfect way to display it....I LOVE IT. Such a unique piece of "art". And it's always nice to have something around, that when we walk by it, it makes us smile.

  12. Haven't read this post of yours.... OMG - making me laugh!!
    I love that platter - oh, so unique ... perfect piece to remember the Uncle by... :-)


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