"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Monday, March 12, 2012

a plethora of bumbershoots...

...is what you have if you live in the wonderful Pacific Northwest.
and sunglasses.

the day may come when you have sooo many
that you don't know what to do with them.
sometimes they break or bend,
sometimes they turn
inside out
and sometimes you just lose them.

I came up with a new idea.

get out your old bumbershoot,
a few greens
and silk flowers,
maybe a birds nest
or two
a funky old 'hippie chick' scarf
and some pins or hot glue.

here you go:

 (don't know why the alignment is acting up but I totally blame blogger...moving on)

without opening up the umbrella loosen it up by untying the little tie.  wrap your funky scarf around the middle and cinch.  I used an umbrella that had two tiers and tied the scarf between the two.  this leaves several pockets in which to add your adornments.

adding some tulips and other little flowers and using a spot of hot glue to hold in place.

then I added some greenery,

and a little birds nest with eggs,

played around with it for awhile and took it's picture.  THEN, I hung it on my yellow front door.

 really, it was so simple and fast.  I used things I already had around the house, the scarf I've had forever, the flowers were from an old pot that I pulled apart so was the greenery.  The birds nest was from my yard and I glued in some eggs that I bought for another project.  Of course the bumbershoot was one of many that we have in the car, house, closet...well, you get it.  Throw it all together and hang it on the door.  

just a little something different for Spring.

take care friends,
choose happy,
get your craft on!


  1. Wow what a crafty lady you are! I am sooooooooo uncrafty!! beautiful job, and thrifty too!!! I love ya friend!

    God Bless~

  2. I really like this creation and what a wonderful idea for those of us who have so many umbrellas around for practical reasons, plus, it helps to turn the symbol of our typical weather into a delight. Besides, even though it rains so much around here, and everybody buys lots of umbrellas, I rarely see true Pacific Northwesterners USING their umbrellas...so this is a wonderful idea to make us smile as we head out the door, into the rain, getting our hair wet and making it frizzy...because I am not carrying my bumbershoot, it's hanging on the door !

  3. That is a really neat idea.
    I will have to rethink tossing old umbrellas now. :)

  4. You are a genius.This is such a neat idea and I bet we all have a few of those umbrellas tucked away somewhere.
    You are right about us not using our umbrellas here as I prefer to just walk in the rain without one.

    Happy crafting!

  5. Wow. Absolutely gorgeous and the thought just came to you? Darn, you're good Jojo!

  6. What a wonderful idea. This is beautiful!!
    Everyone has an umbrella that is beyond usable... or boring... or too drab, etc.
    You have come up with a great idea, Jojo. This is amazingly creative.

  7. Aren't you the artsy gal! What a cute idea and it turned out so pretty! I laughed when you said "bumpershoot" because my hubby always calls them that funny name! Have a good week and I hope you have more sun than rain!

  8. Jojo! Would you CUT IT OUT!!! How do you come up wit these ditties! I am showing my stupidity here but what is a bumpershoot?

    1. I'm not sure if it's bumber or bumper as my hubby and I have discussed at length today but it's a name of a festival here in Seattle and it's also an umbrella...our city's accessory.

    2. Oh! Makes sense to me as we lived in Vancouver and needed a few of these! lol

  9. I can't keep up with umbrellas long enough to decorate them for my door. Besides, the only one I have is red, yellow, blue and green striped and my kids think I'm "coming out of the closet" when I use it because rainbows or those colors represent gays.(Disclaimer: This entire family is acceptive of the gay community lest you think that's why they were protesting Mom's umbrella---I'm also not allowed to wear my tie dyed rainbow tshirt when I go anywhere with them.) Anyway, I'm doing a craft that has to be done by Thursday night....embroidering a quotation on the back and a symbol on the front for Kelli's boyfriend's t-shirt that he's wearing to the Irish 5K on Saturday. Note I got the tshirt Monday night. Did I mention it is black? Tried transfer paper to no avail...the powder just blew off. Copied it to interfacing, pinned it to the underneath side of the shirt and tried to embroider from the inside but the letters are so small and it looks like crap! Confab with Kelli tonight. If I had MY way I'd just grab my gold Sharpie and print the quote on the back. Any ideas appreciated.

    1. I'd go for the Sharpie! Good luck Nessie.

  10. What a neat idea! I don't have any umbrellas but it looks awesome!


  11. Very cute and creative...and so appropriate for the Northwest!

  12. Cute idea! I'm looking for the bird's nest I used on my wreath last spring, but do you think I can find it?! Or the flowers that went with it? I've gotta let a bit of organization into my life, lol!

    My flower bulbs are wondering what hit them this week with our change in weather ;(

  13. How cute and creative...love this.

  14. A WHAT? I tell you honey I had to reread this post a couple of times to figure out what you were call a bumpershoot. Shoot girlfriend I am 63 years old and never hear of one being called that. hahaha
    Who but you would think of something this cute. Too darling.
    Well as you can see by the time of night or morning I am writing this I did not sleep last night. Long story but was up all might so thought I would catch up on some friends.
    Now I have learned a new word too.
    Have you thought anymore about being a guest on my Blogazine. You could even use words like bumpershoot.
    Love ya

  15. How clever and crafty and "green" and truly beautiful! I don't know whether to laugh or cry when I see posts like this. I simply didn't get that DNA or gene or whatever it is that enables one to envision these things!

    Thankfully, I did inherit a keen ability to follow directions...I'm on it, jojo!


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