"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Saturday night shenanigans...

...shenanigans; a playful trick, mischievous prank, or other display of high spirits.

isn't that a fun word?  When I was looking up the meaning in the Wiki it also said it was a television show in the early 60's or a prank pulled by carnival operators.   All I know is that it was something my parents would say to describe bad or unsuitable behaviour.  So naturally, it was something I would hear on a Saturday night as I was walking out the door to meet up with friends.  That and a few other choice words. (they had a reputation to protect, you know, the "we are perfect family" reputation.)  Ah, yes it was strange growing up in the 50's - 60's, all so prim and proper, except behind closed doors.

Now my Saturday nights are much different, quieter and I have finally turned into my own parents.  No matter how hard we fight it it is inevitable.

I don't watch much television.  The nightly news, the local news and an occasional documentary.  Nothing seems to really appeal to me anymore.  It's usually on in the background with HGTV or TV land on but that only shows you that I am still stuck in the 80's.  The eighties were the time of my life.  Every generation has one don't you think?  That decade where the music touched their very soul, the dress style and dance moves...for me, the 80's.  How about you?

I just watched a documentary on Don MacLean..."bye bye Miss America Pie."  I had no idea how prolific his musical writings were.  It was interesting seeing the montage of him throughout the years.  Pretty talented guy...OK so now I'm a commercial for Public Television.

We spent last week at one of our most favourite places to rest and relax, Hood River, Oregon.  It's a small town between the Columbia River and Mt. Hood.  Lots of kite surfing and windsurfing to watch, lots of kayaking, hiking, shopping, eating, wineries, breweries, and lots of great memories.  Now all of a sudden all of those things seem to be 'work.'  It's difficult to walk through town with all the hills and steps, it no fun to hike or walk on the beach, it has all changed.  Well, it hasn't  but I have.  When did I become this person?  I don't like her much right now.

Anyway, it was nice to get away and we did hit a couple of coffee shops, pubs and treasure shoppes.  I suppose it didn't help much at all that we had five inches of snow while there.  Snow, cold, sleet, rain, and lots of it, kinda puts a damper on things. "Damper" get it?

Next week the hubs is off work and we are going to do a make-over of our bedroom.  We have stuff spread all over the house to get ready for the painting on Monday.  It's taken me close to a year to gather all the accessories for the big change.  Painting, new bedding, new drapes, new light fixtures, new wall decor...same old furniture.  It should be a nice change, maybe I'll do a reveal when it's all done.   BUT...

tomorrow I get to babysit my favourite grand-girl.  Since her mommy lost her job we haven't been taking care of the little peanut on Fridays.  In fact, we haven't sat with her in months so we are all pretty happy about the fact that mommy and daddy get an afternoon out (for a play) and we get an afternoon in with our grand.  Pictures to follow!   In the meantime, how's your Saturday night?

be safe, be happy, you enough and remember: peace and happiness are a choice.


  1. I too, grew up in the 50's/60's. Sad to see those times go. Simple, easy and not a care in the world. Running wild in the streets. I'd say the 60's was my decade of most enjoyment.

  2. I remember the TV show, but all I really remember is the very beginning of the theme song, haha.

    Not sure I'm stuck in any particular era. Though I grew up in the 60s, we both have 'embraced' the computer age.
    We love History Channel, SciFi Channel (Or however they spell it now). Animal Planet,and Discovery Channel.

    I would think the snow and ice had more to do with 'damping' your getaway, than the person you have become. *hugs*
    Have a blessed Sunday! ♥

  3. I loved the 80's music. I was born in 55 and it does seems that back then made more sense than now. At least there was a right and wrong. It's so blurry.

    I think I watched HGTV and Trauma in the E.R. most of the night and then a Netflix movie. I only watch TV in the evenings and there is so much garbage on.

    Doing remodeling is hard but it seems to put a little perk in our step when it's done.

    Glad you get to spend some time with your little angel!

  4. What's on TV now would never be allowed back in the 50's and 60's when I was growing up. I'm with you..I watch mostly HGTV and food network! The 80's were all about raising kiddos for me and it was a good time. Good luck on remodeling and I look forward to the pics! Don't forget to take "before" shots too!

  5. I liked this post! All sorts of ditties to ponder.
    My favourite decade was the 70's! I was not at home and out on my own! Enough said!
    We need to do a couple of makeovers here too. You may have started something!
    Have a blast with your grandchild Jojo.....you are very fortunate to have one.


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