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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Keeping up with the Jones'...

...I love giving gifts.  It makes me happy and I search all year long for that one thing that is special and reminds me of the recipient.  So of course, when Christmas comes I am all aflutter as to where I am going to find this special something.  Usually of course, I find it when I'm not looking.  

Last Christmas I was perusing the interwebs, searching, when I came across a Groupon for Jones soda.  (do you  know Groupon? you should check them out) and Jones soda?  they are the ones with the wacky flavours like Turkey and Gravy, they also have great standards like Root Beer and Creme) but I digress.  I saw a Groupon for Jones soda and the deal was that you could design your own private label and order a few cases of your favourite flavour.  Talk about a light bulb moment! 

Not only could I create something special for my family, I could also commemorate the addition to our little group with a label of Maude!! Not only could you upload a picture for the label but you could write a description of the "brand."   Here's our sweet girl;

 and the description:   

Maude's Holiday Elixir
a sweet blend of sunshine and innocence
to cure all your ills
put a smile on your heart.

I had so much fun trying out different labels and putting the whole thing together, and mom and dad could not have been more surprised.  And although I chose a flavour that everyone would enjoy no one has yet opened the bottle! 

Always looking for a sweet surprise!  Be kind, choose life, you enough.

This is NOT a sponsored post for Groupon nor Jones Soda.  Neither of these companies know me from Adam and Eve, or Adam and Steve or Steve and Edie...no one.  BUT if they happen to come across this post and want to send some goodies my way I would be happy to write a review!


  1. What FUN! And a great tip about Groupon, too. I think... Like I NEED another site to go look at? sigh. Thanks

  2. Such a cute idea, I'm heading to Jones Soda now!

  3. I think you could make a fortune with your 'Maude's Holiday Elixir.' Somehow I can picture you traveling around the country with a horse and wagon, a crowd gathered around you just waiting to purchase your 'miracle cure!' What a very cute idea you've come up with!

  4. How sweet is that? I love it!!! Good job, Grandma Jojo!!!

    God Bless~

  5. You crack me up Joanne "I would be happy to write a review"!
    You take care too my dear.

  6. I love this idea! You are very very creative! I've missed your posts. I have not been in touch for quite some time. I will get back with it soon! (It feels good to touch bases again!)

  7. That's cool. :-)
    I looked a t groupon, but nothing in my area.

    Have a wonderful day!

  8. What an amazlingly GREAT idea. I wouldn't want to open the bottle either.

  9. I LOVE this! Oh do I know a couple of great nieces who would love this!
    You are such a great Grammy, Jojo!

  10. I love that idea! How wonderful!!!!


  11. Fun and creative gift! I love when something comes together that we know will be the perfect thing that someone will really enjoy. Thanks for sharing the idea!

  12. Wow what a great idea. I bet they did love this. In about 7 months I need you to help me shop. lol
    Thanks honey for coming by and leaving me such a sweet comment. I can't believe I am asking for prayers again but my sweet son Clint who is the father of my grand babies was diagnosed with Agi Nephropathy which is a kidney disease I never heard of. It was out of the blue and so devastating to us.
    We don't know what stage it is in yet.
    You know me I worry so much. I appreicate your prayers.

  13. What a fun unique gift for a anyone...the possibilities are endless.

    Thanks for sharin' it with us.

    God bless ya and have an incredible day sweeite!!! :o)

  14. Oh oh that is just the best idea ever!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Fabulous idea...I had not heard of either of them before! And if I were those companies, you would be getting some free product, what a great idea you had. ~Lili

  16. What a great idea and unique gift!! those sodas may never be opened.


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