"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Monday, March 5, 2012


I had a completely different post planned for today, a crafty sort of thing that I've been working on but it doesn't seem to feel right at the moment.

There is a huge swath of pain and misery across this country of ours right now.  The devastation of the tornadoes and the school shootings  is beyond anything I can imagine, even in my crazy little head.  The sorrow, the shock, the fear of all those affected.  The wonder, the cries, the vows to rebuild and carry on in the voices of their story. And yet I have to hear 'why?'  Not how did this happen, as every weatherman on Earth has descended on these little towns, but the why?  WHY?

When things like this happen I so often get caught up in the 'why?'  Why this one and not that one, why this home this school this town?  Why this child? And it always comes back to one thing...there is no answer...none that we will ever know on this Earth.  And that shakes me to my core, and it rattles my faith and that makes me anxious and I start waiting, waiting, waiting for the next thing to happen and then I forget to live.

That is when I pray.  You see, I don't believe that praying has to be about believing (although I do) in something bigger than all of us.  Call it what you may or may not.  To me praying is about community.  About sending a positive, healing, comforting, caring thought out into the world.  Will others hear it?  Probably not, BUT they will 'feel' it.  Positive energy directed towards someone in need has to have a positive effect.  It must, it simply must. 

So please, for this moment, this space in time, now, keep a good thought, a healing thought, a comforting thought, a prayer for each and every one of us that is hurting and asking why. but especially for those in that swath of misery and the path of the bullet.

take care friends, be kind, be safe, be healed.  you enough.


  1. Yes love the prayer of a rightous man availeth much. May the God of all comfort provide healing hope and help. Your heart is so precious.

  2. Makes you reconsider and count your blessings.

  3. Great post. I am praying for those touched by this devastation as well. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. On it. I feel exactly the same way you do. I just told my brother I've felt shaky inside for the past few days. We internalize their grief and desperation somewhat and realize how out of our control things are.

    Praying and praying...


  5. Harrisburg, IL is 2 hours south of us. I've been there many time. Southern Illinois is a "take care of your own" kind of mindset and they've had to turn people away to help physically but still accepting donations, etc. I appreciate your prayers for these people, Jojo. I lived through the Marion, IL tornado in 82 (10 miles from Harrisburg) and it was horrific. I still have nightmares. I have been in PTSD since Columbine and the Oklahoma City bombing. 2 years ago when we went to Michael's Army graduation at Ft. Sill, OK we got to go to the memorial/museum that has been designed to remember the bombing victims and it really healed my heart. I remember when Virginia Tech had the first school shootings about 2 hours from us when we lived in Virginia. I remember 911 and how my daughter was so scared she ran home from school about 2 miles away. I hate, hate, HATE guns! I don't even want to see a toy one or hear a cap pistol. I could be your twin in this area of your life, worrying, wondering, WHY-ing. Know that I love you forever and always and we will get through this together.

  6. JoJo I started asking the why question when my sister died, very unexpectedly, when I was twelve, she only twenty three... I couldn't understand why God would take her... she was such a good person, a good mama to her three babies... why not take me instead? I was an ornery, mischievous kid that managed to get into more than my share of childish trouble. I did not get a satisfactory answer then and have never since gotten an answer that made any sense about the horrific events we hear about in this world. The only thing I can say is that I feel, deep inside my soul, that these bad things we go through, hear about, and see on the news will go on shaping more people who believe that prayer can and does help and we must have faith in something greater than ourselves to be able to bear such pain and continue to love and live and share, not only our grief and fear with each other and uphold each other, but to revel in every little triumph for good that we each manage to accomplish in this world.

  7. Beautiful post, Jojo. Just beautiful. And, amen.

  8. A lot of heartfelt feelings from you in this post. I so agree tha we need to CARE about each other. Be Active in helping each other when we can.
    Put forth all that positive energy into the universe.

    and I too often times find myself asking "why!"

  9. Nature will never give us answers for moments like this. Weather is just what it is... weather. That someone is in it's way and someone else is not is just circumstance.
    God couldn't possibly be playing a game like this. I hear "they were saved by the grace of God." and I want to shout. "No!"
    I almost got hit by a car today. I could be dead or injured and in a hospital tonight... but the "head on" didn't happen because we both swerved away just in time. It was a teenager that was trying to pass on a curve. Stupid, just stupid. Man does this... not God. I'm sorry.
    That little baby found in a field was not taken up by God. He didn't CHOOSE her and her family to be with him. I do believe in something greater than myself, like you and Helen, and I keep praying for understanding and guidance and for all the folks that live though or die from these tragedies. But, I will not believe that God makes all these indiscriminate choices. I can't wrap my mind around that.
    I try but I really struggle with this.
    And guns are not the reason for death... just a choice... a method.
    You know my heart about this.

  10. We have experienced weather of great destruction here, so close to you.Trees came through our roof and caused great destruction to our home & property during a time in our life that was already in great crisis. Yet this time caused us to search and seek God's ways. I found this chapter in Job 37, particularly verses 5 through 13 that speak of the weather.In some ways, although we have had so much destruction to our home & property, even after this past ice-storm, it is comforting to know mankind cannot control the weather, it is up to God.His ways are not our ways, thankfully.

    As for the "whys", why was our home crushed and so many of our trees down all over our property when right next door they had only one branch on their lawn? Why was our dove-cote crushed by trees yet all the doves inside survived? I don't know, and cannot answer. All I can do is thank God He allowed my husband and I to survive trees falling through our roof without harming us.I thank God for preserving 4 granddaughters and our son through-out a time that would destroy so many others.( I am not talking about a storm here)

    During this time I suffered extreme depression that worried even my husband, yet God is good ...and His provision during the weather destruction was more of an encouragement than I can communicate.

    Somehow though, when you see this on the news, crafts don't seem to matter do they ? Amen sister! Take care, and remember to enjoy even the small blessings of your life, they add up and matter.Thoughtful post, thank-you.

  11. I think it's natural to ask "why"...but we do have to move forward and ask "what can I do to make things better?" Praying may be the best and most productive in many instances..great post.

  12. Amen, and yes I too get caught up.. feel so helpless sometimes. I know the devastation of losing a town...Some still haven't come back from Katrina. They had a whole bunch of Lil Katrinas. I feel for the loss of the families. So sad and yes many many prayers being said.


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