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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Another 'paper' post...

I planted some paper whites a few days ago.  I always enjoy planting them indoors this time of year and this year I put them into a Haegar Pottery bulb bowl that I found while thrifting last Spring.

It's really very easy and in a few weeks you will have some pretty blooms to help remind you that Spring will eventually return!  

Just take a package of bulbs and line them up in a container...pointing up.  It doesn't matter the container although they do get quite tall so you might want to keep that in mind.  This is a very shallow container so I will undoubtedly have to find a way to prop them up when the time comes.

Next fill the container (bowl) with water to just below the spouting tops.  About an 1" or so will do.  Then cover with rocks or gravel, or in the case marbles.   Keep it in a well lit area and in just a few weeks you will have some pretty white blooms.  I don't particularly care for their perfume but I do love seeing flowers in the Winter.

Do you plant paper whites at this time of year?


  1. I never have planted them.
    I saw some today and thought of you! What do you do with them after they bloom? Do you plant out doors or what? Love the picture on your Blog header!! How are you my friend?

    God Bless~

  2. Almost picked some up at the WalMarts the other day--the day I thought my feet were going to fall off, and would have been overjoyed if they had! But--I left them (the paper whites, of course) in the store, cause I thought you had to put them in a cool place, and there's no where cool here in this house. Or is that the other thing that people plant this time of the year--put it in a cool room, and it booms for Christmas? Can't think of anything anymore! ANY-WHO--we're going to be at our son's for Christmas, and the paper-whites would be here--either blooming and dying, or dying from the heat! :p I usually don't find they smell that good when they're forced like this though. They were my mom's favorite thing each year--after her Christmas cactus bloomed and that other bulb that I'm not going to wrack my brain about anymore. It'll come to YOU, I'm sure~ T.

  3. I do not, but it looks like a neat idea. :)

  4. I have never planted them, but I think I want to! I am curious to watch them grow! Thanks for the idea! LOVE it!

    Your post also gave me an idea about a shower gift for a group we do here. We have a "paper shower" for the daughters of our group. Now I can use this sometime! :)

  5. I can't wait to see a picture of them in full bloom!!! I bet they are super pretty! I did not inherit my mother's green thumb, so I will just admire from afar. Plants die when they come my way. I either water them too much or not enough. I just don't know.

    I hope you are having a good day!!!


  6. I've never planted bulbs indoors before, but I really like the idea!

  7. We've done this with other bulbs but not Paper Whites....precisely because of the smell, I mean scent!

    I see you've been busy Martha, oops, Jojo!

  8. How incredibly fabulous! I have NEVER EVER planted these! I may just do it this year!

    Love your quote on your header...picture, too! Fab!


  9. Love them! Always have to stake them and tie them up with some raffia...love the smell across the room but not too close either. I'm an odd one...

  10. Yes yes yes, I love paperwhites! I always just tie them all together with a pretty ribbon when they get tall...no staking required! I love planting them in white pottery bowls too like you. xo ~Lili

  11. How lovely! I think I will buy some and do this in the house. I have them planted in the garden but this would happen sooner.
    I love the fragrance. It reminds me of all the paperwhites that were on my grandmothers property. She planted them along the road and around her house. Oh, such a wonderful fragrant memory.

  12. Weeeellll, once upon a time I decided to make my house a white Christmas wonderland. I planted 100 paperwhites. They bloomed profusely. I started to cough and choke after about the 4th day. I toughed it out for a week before I put them out on the front porch. The scent just got to me. I think they are one of the loveliest flowers ever, and I do like the scent...in moderation. But since that incident I've been allergic to them...sigh.

  13. Nope, but I'm thinkin' I should!

    They are beautiful and it would be nice to have some fresh bloomers in the house. I get to feelin' lost without my flowers this time of year!

    God bless ya and have a marvelous day sweetie!

    BTW:Giveaway, my place, ya'll come...I'll leave the door open and the light on! :o)

  14. I can't get enough of them Jojo, but like you, I find the scent of them a little strong for my liking. But I still can't get enough of them to suit me.
    I love the idea of green marbles!
    sending hugs...

  15. Looks awesome. Unfortunately, I've been dubbed a "plant killer" in my family...so I'll enjoy your pictures...


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