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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Let's make a deal...

...I remember that game show so well.  With Monty Hall as the host and all the contestants dressed up in their most imaginative outfits, deal or no deal, and finally at the end, the three doors.  What awaits the winner behind door number 1, number 2 or door number 3?  I was always quite inept at picking the correct door ending up with a years supply of chicken soup or a frying pan.  Do you remember?

Recently, at the height of my 'duffiness,'  I began to notice our front door.  Blah, blue.  Nothing wrong with blue but it was painters grade fifteen years ago and was starting to look rather shabby.  So I did what every DIY (in her mind) girl does and perused all the wonderful home improvement blogs that I could find.  Oh my, that it itself is a post for another day!   Such talent and beauty as far as the eye can see.  But, I digress....

I wanted something different, something no one else in the neighborhood had, something bold, that screamed "that nut J lives there!"  And well, well...what do you think?

old tired blue door begging for a make-over

first of two coats of primer.   And then after three coats of paint and another coat of a different colour paint we have:

a YELLOW front door.  Technically it is called "Squash Blossom" by Dutch Boy.  It has the primer built in but It wasn't enough to cover the blue.   Not only that but this job was done by me...on my duff, with a paint stick in hand and the help of a sponge brush.    (Oh yeah, and I totally remembered to take the making tape off around the lock.)


  1. Your door is totally beautiful!!
    Very nice job of covering the blue.
    I love yellow! My living room is a pale yellow. It's a "happy" color.
    It's warm in winter and makes you feel good.
    Nice choice...

  2. Jojo,

    I want to thank you for coming to visit me in blogland. You are one of my loyal followers and I want you to know I appreciate you very much!!

    Blessings always,


  3. It looks a lot better than I can do standing on my feet. ;)

    Congratulations, Jojo. Hope you have a blessed weekend. ♥

  4. Color me impressed! Squash Blossom.

  5. WOW! Love it Jojo! And love the name too!
    Incredible what a coat of paint will/can do. This is SO needed around here! But will have to wait till spring.....so the house can be aired out while painting. A 'canary in a coalmine' lives here you know.

  6. Love the nice touch of the tape around knob...that made me laugh!!!!!

    It's beautiful Jojo...perfect!!

    Surely brightens the mood, you think?


  7. Woohoo, I truly love your "squash blossom" door. It's a happy door!!!

    A job well done sweetie.

    God bless and have a wonderful weekend!!! :o)

  8. Hi Jojo!!! The door looks wonderful! Did you have it taken off the doorjams to paint? I need to paint my 3 doors because they have never been painted since we got them in the 90s. I have been wondering how to do that.


  9. Looks fabulous, Jojo!!! I love the color! You have inspired me to maybe just maybe, paint mine. It needs it bad!! But what color? My brick is red, and my shutters white, which need painting also. The garage is white also, but that to much for this girl to tackle!! What ya think?
    Love ya, my blister sister!!!

    God bless~

    PS. I have got to have another EMG on my left arm this time, on Tuesday. I hate these!! Keep me in your thoughts and prayers!! How is the foot?

  10. its gorgeous!!!! and you did a great job!

  11. I love the new color! It totally gives the door a more modern look; and the color with your wreath is fantastic. Very autumnal. I need to paint our door too. You've given me some inspiration!

  12. That is absolutely the very best shade of yellow I've ever seen. It's amazing and I LOVE it on your front door. Wow, you did good!!!

  13. Well I LOVE LOVE LOVE your yellow front door! Ours in BLAH WHITE. The most boring thing EVAHHHH. In the spring I'm going to paint it raspberry! They neighbors will flip out but I don't care...I think they are the ones who are NUTS!

    Your note to me was precious. I think heaven is everything and all we long for it to be...

    Love to you, JoJo...



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