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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

True confessions...

...I am beginning to think that maybe, just maybe, just a little bit that I may have a touch of the hoarding syndrome.  Now let me explain before you sign me up for an intervention.  I don't have 'stuff' everywhere, you can see all of my floors and counter tops and you will not catch any unwanted diseases from using our bathrooms or fixing meals in the kitchen.  phew...What I do have are many, OK several unfinished projects around the house.

Some of these are just your usual upkeep...painting, deep-cleaning types of things.  These projects are not scattered all over the house but for the most part reside in our spare bedroom/dressing room/sewing/craft/ironing/let's put it here room.  You know, we all have one.  Thing is I never really get around to finishing these projects, or even beginning them.

I don't know when this started.  I can only guess that it was a few years ago when I discovered HGTV and blogging and realized that I could buy things at flea markets and transform them into something beautiful and useful.  In my mind at least.

I have overloaded myself with so many projects.  I've bought all the necessary items to refinish, repaint, buff, wax, distress, well...maybe I do need an intervention.

Here's where you get to help me.  I am going to list some of the more pressing projects and post them as I go along.  This will help you to keep me in line and it will help me to realize that I need to make time for the things I love.  You can help me keep my feet to fire otherwise I will be embarrassed that I have confided this in you!

I've got frames to paint and distress, sort through and remember what I was going to put back in them.  (I have a problem buying old frames!)  Also, painting this plant table and putting some sort of scrolly design on the top. 

Paint and recover these great chairs that we found at a city-wide garage sale for $5.  There were six of them but someone bought three before I saw these.  I didn't want three, I wanted four or six...so I settle for two.  Now we will all have our own chair around the dining room table.

And this door.  This door has puzzled me for several years. Yeah, I think it was the beginning of my disorder.  Now that I have it and it's beautiful crystal doorknob, I need to decide what to do with it.  I've been leaning toward a headboard for quite awhile and think that is what will eventually come of it.  What would you do with an old door?

I also have a front door to paint, the one that leads to our house.
A back hall re-do.
And a few Christmas surprises.
I am setting my goals on the easy, lazy, side but hope to have them all finished by years end.  So, I'd better hop to it and make sure I show you all my progress weekly.  But first, FIRST, I must start here and see what I can uncover in the 'craft' room.   Happy thriftng y'all.


  1. I was rejoicing in the fact that we had these rooms in common too! I was totally enthralled with all your projects, they look wonderful, and I kept saying to myself, I am so with ya on that.. Until I saw your room...J., I have to tell you, it looks wonderful to me, it's organized and has tons of GREAT storage! I would die if you saw mine! My son actually told me, it was starting...okay maybe more than starting, to look like a hoarders room...:( Anyhoo, I can hardly wait to see your finished projects, and maybe you'll inspire me to get busy on this room of mine...I had dreams of having it clean by the time I have Bunco, but that's in October, and I don't see it happening. Summers over and school's starting, so back to work I go... Hugs, Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  2. I've got one of those 'rooms' too. Well, maybe two. If you count the garage, three. Your room looks pleasant and organized. Mine...not so much! Have fun with those wood projects!

  3. All I can say is


  4. Oh, yes, a headboard! I was thinking just the other day that it would be wonderful if I could sew as fast as I can think ........ But wishing won't make it "sew"!

  5. Ha! Hubby and I do that, too. But I am not as brave as you and will not post mine. ;)

    Good luck, Jojo! I'll be rooting for you. :)

  6. jojo, everything in your photos looks clean and tidy and perfectly, oh-so-artfully done! If that all resided in my house, I would consider myself to be very neat and orderly.

    Enjoy the projects, whatever you do. That IS the point of it all, yes?

  7. I don't have one of those rooms anymore, kind of miss it, tho.

    Sorry I never heard back from you. I had so wanted to meet you while out there. Hope next time. Got to meet Spencer, what a dream of a lady. You'd love her. She's not far from you ... Bellamere Cottage.

    Hope all is well with you. Have a beautiful week.

    TTFN ~

  8. My family room and office look like that! I am getting help organizing it though! It should be organized by the end of fall and looking fabulous! I, too, have many of those need to finish projects. My excuse right now in not doing them is the fact I don't have room in the family room to do them! I will shortly though!! good luck with the new projects!


  9. I don't have room for one of those rooms which is just as well! I had a lot of projects in my garage - furniture to paint, frames to paint etc, I finally decided to just donate everything to Goodwill (ironic because that's where I got most of the stuff anyway). I think there are so many great ideas on blogs and magazines that you can get carried away and think you want to do them all.

  10. I have a spare bedroom..I mean "guest" room that I always have to get ready..ie..declutter, empty the closet..you get the picture! I think you have some great finds. My Mom always was bringing home wonderful things to redo, she's not doing that now and I'm always controlling my desire to do the same..I'll look forward to your end results..thank you for the anniversary wishes too!

  11. One of my weaknesses is old wooden chairs- LOVE THEM. When I found my dining room table (in a 2nd hand shop)the lady said "we have several sets of 6 chairs" and I said "no thanks" and proceeded to lug 6 different single chairs from around the store and tuck 'em in under that table. When I was done she said "That looks terrific!".
    None of my dinner plates match either.
    There's actually a reason for it- if (when) one breaks I know I can replace it without issue LOL

    The door...hmmm...is it warped or in good serviceable shape? Coule you replace an existing interior door with it? Old doors have so much more character than the new ones.

  12. Oh, sugar! I sent you an email telling you a couple months ago & then a follow up that we were coming out ... used the email service on your blog, Jojo. So wanted to meet you. Another day, then. :)

    Have a beautiful weekend.
    TTNF ~

  13. Oh boy...you just found my biggest weakness. If I took a picture of all of mine, you would be reading for days.lol!
    big hugs...

  14. You are neat as a pin...no hoarder out there! Last year, when David moved back in, I had just had a friend bring EVERYTHING down out of the attic into his old room. 30 years of wonderful "finds" and everything "David". Another friend moved it all into the other spare room. I don't even want to think about tackling it. It's work and lots of decisions...the problem LOL

    I would do a headboard, but if I think of anything else, I'll let you know. Now get busy!!

    We are waiting!!


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