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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Thursday, September 1, 2011

giving due...

...I do my best to keep my political views off of this blog.
I do my best to keep my religious beliefs from flowing into 
my posts but occasionally they do
for that I am unapologetic.
With that said I feel that this is just too important to let it go
without comment.
As you all know,
who have been here regularly,
I suffer with 
It is a monster,
and is not something I would wish for anyone to deal with.
will steal away your life if you let it.
And so when I read this
I had
to smile a little,
sigh a little,
and give thanks...
for it is a start.

source: Internet

That the Obama administration has reversed the long-standing policy against sending condolences only to families of service members who died either in combat or as a result of non-combat activity in war zones. Excluding suicide victims.

There are many wars to be fought. And one is on depression and PTSD. The stigma that has prevailed about this subject, this tragedy, has just been lifted, if just a bit. 

It's about time this country honors those unseen scars. It's about time. 

And for that move in the battle against the stigma that has been part of our societal mores for so long, I am deeply grateful.


  1. Jojo, I deal with people who are suffering from the depression monster on a daily basis. Some of them are sufferers of PTSD related to military service.

    Some of them go through periods of severe depression where suicide might be considered as a coping mechanism. my heart breaks for them. And my heart breaks for everyone who is trying to fight the fight agains depression and anxiety.

    Please know that we are always here for you, always here to listen and give as much comfort as we can.

  2. It's about time indeed Jojo! Our county has the second highest suicide rate in our state. And many families are grieving everyday for their losses. The stigma makes it even more difficult for them.
    Wonderful post my friend!
    sending hugs...

  3. Thank you for that post! I totally agree, and hope the your "monster" is short lived. I am thinking of you.

  4. Having had a brother who took his life when he was 19, and a family who has 'kept it in the closet' for a very long time, I am very happy that this is finally being recognized as a very common occurrence in our society and one that has to be addressed openly and honestly.
    Thanks Jojo. It is OK to let these 'things' out.

  5. jojo- I know your monster- it lives in Ward as well.
    No one should be denied dignity and respect. And this is one step towards that.
    Thank you for sharing this, and for sharing yourself with us- you are a treasure.

  6. Oh, you know I'm with you on this one! Amen!!

    Hidden illness and I wonder sometimes if it's because only people who have these disorders understand. I don't know, but love you!!!

    We all have to stick together ♥♥♥


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