"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Saturday, June 25, 2011

June gloom...

...well, it's official.  June has been dubbed 'June doom Gloom,' even the weather man says so.  I've also heard 'the spring that wasn't,' 'spring where are you,' hey it's summer somewhere.'  Yeah, there is plenty to go around.  Now we are moving on to the official start of summer, which is July 4th here.  If you have any outdoor events do not plan them in June...period.

My garden is sorely lacking.  Several weeks ago I planted many, many flower seeds in my cutting garden.  As I have stated before, I have never tried growing flowers from seed except Nasturtiums.  So I planted, and planted, and hoped and wished and waited and waited some more.  Want to take a peek?

here's my only peony and it is far from opening...

and here...here is my most expensive wonderful 'Knock-out' rose that got a good beating yesterday when storm after storm blew through here.  Poor thing needs medical attention.  We won't even look out at the veggie patch, and blueberries...gone baby gone.


As you can see there is some sunshine here and there today.  I'm hoping to convince it to hang around for awhile...then I'll have something new to complain about!  How does your garden grow?


  1. It's kind of scary isn't it. Here in California we have a day that's warm, them a hot one, then it cools off, then it rains, then it warms up again and so on. This is very strange weather.
    My poor plants don't know what to think. If this keeps up it will be the coldest 4th of July in history.
    Love the picture of you and the new grandbaby.

  2. We have had lots of rain, yet enough flowers that the flowers are looking pretty good!

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  3. About like yours. Not much we can do. Half the seeds didn't sprout, the others didn't grow.

    Except the nasturtiums. ;)

  4. I have no luck gardening either. I planted dozens of sunflower seeds and have 3 sprouts. It feels more like April here, rather than almost July.

  5. I will trade you 3 days of rain for a week of blazing sunshine.

    Our veggie garden turned to dust in spite of daily watering, and all the grass/wildflower seeds we planted around the house apparently entered some parallel universe for their own protection.

    If someone could figure out a way to splice bull nettle tenacity with something edible they'd end world hunger *~*

  6. We got almost an inch of rain this past week--and we're still in a drought situation. That inch--and hopefully some more coming this week might help the farmers make their corn crop this year--praying it will. They depend solely on the weather for their living.

    I wish I could have a garden like we did when my parents -in-law were alive and living near us. It was wonderful, and I just loved being around them anytime. I have such good memories of our times with them! Hope my DIL will have the same of me--good memories--because I've loved her dearly for nearly 25 years!

  7. I don't have a garden this year. My friends do. The weather has been terrible everywhere. I love the new picture of you are your grandbaby and what a strong resemblance there is!

  8. Plants can be fussy sometimes specially if the weather keeps going up and down. I like your Rose. I am sure that Peonies will do good as well. They did pretty good even in New York's snowy days.

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm with you on the weather story...we're having either rain, rain, cool...hot and humid with rain..and maybe 2 days of sun..in a month! So far my flowers haven't died, but they are not where they should be this time of year. Hopefully we (and you!)will get some improvement in July.

  10. It really has been a tough spring/early summer. We're getting some rain which is good because it's been so dreadfully dry, but the heat is horrible. Even with the rain, I have to keep my container garden watered.

    Also, I trying to smell the peony. I miss our old peony bushes we had in Illinois.

  11. Keep the faith...summer is coming!

  12. I'm thinking that since this is the second year of rain in June, that we need to adapt. Buy starts instead of seeds, or better yet, get a little greenhouse. I've always wanted one, and the weather is starting to convince hubby that it might be a good idea! Just trying to make some lemonade out of lemons...ya know!!

  13. I hope your garden blooms soon! It has been the rainiest spring here too. I do hope July is a bit better, but not too hot!

  14. Well, I haven't had to water the garden except once with all of the rain we've had! The farmers got their crops in late, too. I'm wondering if we'll have a really dry spell later on! Sigh.

  15. It is gloomy gloomy here too! And, the storms have been nightly. I am sure hot hot July is coming soon...


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