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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The old switcheroo...

...remember that from the old "Get Smart" series??  gah, how old am I.  Anywho...

last winter in the midst of the season we call 'rain,' I was feeling a little blue wondering if the weather would ever improve.  This happens every year around February/March when it seems there is no end in sight.  (on a side note: the season of rain did not let up until July).  The hubs and I were in the Home Depot as I walked toward the garden area I spied bulbs.  Wonderful, beautiful, wondrous, easy-to-grow bulbs. 

I rarely buy bulbs other than Daffodils or Tulips but this year I decided to try Dahlias.  I l.o.v.e. Dahlias, and I had visions of beautiful, huge, plate-sized flowers adorning the garden outside my dining room window.  I bought two packages of five each, for $25.  Yeah, $25.  I have never spent money like that on bulbs before but the 'vision' I had was driving me forth to do so.

When all danger of frost had passed it was time to plant them I followed all the important directions, even checking my zone...I do believe we are zone 8.  The bulbs were planted on their sides, sprinkled with magic dust, and covered with warmish soil...now all there was to do was wait until July/August?/September to see all the lovely blooms.

I anxiously waited and waited and waited and what did grow looked less and less and less of a Dahlia.  There were no leaves, just reedy looking stems...no leaves, no buds, no flowers that resembled my beautiful Dahlias.

Here's what I did get:

Now, all you wonderful people out there. please tell me what this is.  I assume it is a Lily of some sort, it is quite delicate and the stems break very easily.  They have a soft, sweet scent.  Lily??

Now obviously the bags were mislabeled and I paid waaaay too much for these Lilly's, nevertheless, I rather enjoy them.  But, to ease my troubled mind I will be taking a trip at the end of the month to the Dahlia festival.  And if I get my way I will purchase some 'real' bulbs and get my fix next spring.


  1. JoJo, I have no idea.
    But from now on please stick to your thrift shops. You get such better bargins my dear!

  2. actually you should go back to the store where you bought your dahlias and tell them what happened. Even without a receipt they should give you some dahlia bulbs. Yep you have lilies. Show them the picture and tell them the story.

  3. JoJo it could only happen to you or me. lol
    Girl I have missed you something awful. Thought of you during the night when I woke up in pain and thought I have got to get on her site and see what you have been up to.
    These are lillies but not sure what kind. They are pretty...So sorry that you got the ole switcheroo ...do you have your receipt by any chance...I know I wouldn't but if you do they should make it good for you.
    Wish I could start doing something in the yard. It is so sooooo hot I can hardly walk to the mailbox without sweating like a pig.
    Take care and let me know how you are...I have missed you

  4. Well, I'll be darned. That had to be a bit of a disappointment.... I mean they're very pretty but they sure aren't Dahlias. I would take them back. At least tell the store what happen. But, buy some at the Dahlia show. That's the best place to get them.

  5. At least if they were marked mystery plant you would have been okay with the outcome yes? But to think you bought bulbs and you get lilly's.. oy. Hugs. Tazzy

  6. I too love dahlias, my family in Aus grew beauties & a friend in CO. has masses of them too. Gorgeous, opulent flowers, ridiculously, bountifully, wonderfully shaped & colored, ah dahlias!

  7. I just started dabbling in flowers this year. We planted Siberian iris bulbs that never showed up along with 10 of my gladiolas that never showed up either. I'm like a little kid when I plant bulbs, checking every day to see if they have broken through the ground. I also need to know if I need to dig up my gladiola bulbs and star gazer lily bulbs for the winter and how and when I do this so if anyone knows please enlighten me.

  8. I'm going with orchid... perhaps?
    But then again, hard to say

  9. I suppose the positive take is there really is no flower that does not do it's best to shine!

    they're very pretty.



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