"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I see...

...Christmas Trees!
If you are unable to attend the Tree of Lights Festival then the next best, and free, thing is to find your local nursery center.  You will be amazed and delighted at all the decorated tree displays, it's inside and, if you really like what you see, it's all for sale.

After a quick stop here (it was 25degrees here today)

we were off to our local nursery to check out the trees, and oh my...

here's the entrance to Watson's

 as ~Peach~ says, just click on any photo and it will 'embiggin.  These trees were quite tall and it was very crowded to I was trying to catch the upper half...I was also trying to get a shot of the tree toppers as I am looking to change mine out this year.

Have a great Monday y'all.  
p.s. as of yet we have no tree up at our house......arghh...living with a Grinch!


  1. Those trees are gorgeous. I usually put my tree up the week before Christmas, and take it down after New Year's. I don't like to decorate too early, or it seems to take the Christmas spirit away.

    I love the decorations on those trees, and it has given me some ideas. :-)

  2. If it makes you feel better, our tree isn't up yet, either. It will require furniture moving of the sort that will most definitely do a number on my back. I'm thinking of hiring a couple of local boys. Years past, I'd do it myself. I have gotten older & wiser. Plus my back has gotten more unpredictable. :-)

  3. I live with the grinch also! My tree is not up either!!! My daughter offered to get the decorations down before they left and I said naw you've done either, but thinking I should have let her. Maybe it will get done this week. I only put up a 4 ft one, as we are alone at Christmas :o(
    Those trees were so pretty!! Since I can't drive, i don't get to see a lot. Hopefully we will drive around some on David's days off. We are supposed to have snow on Wednesday. It's cold here too!!! Lows in the teens and high's 30, or below. Brrrrrrr. Where did summer go? I want it back!!! I love ya friend. Keep in touch. Sure wish we lived closer to each other!!

    God Bless~
    Debbie Jean

  4. whats your address?
    i normally dont have much to do with the tree upping here... but this year i got angry... and so i bought a new tree and put it up right by my self... it is not completely decorated and no one seems to care... but in mikes defense he has been sick so he is exempt for now....
    I am the grinch of my house :)
    Hope you have a happy monday :D

  5. Gorgeous trees! I need a new tree topper too, but probably won't get one until next year, or maybe at an after Christmas sale!

  6. Thanks for sharing, those are so pretty! Grinches live in a lot of our homes! They are called husbands...ha! I love your new background on your page, too!

  7. Your Christmasy blog is gorgeous! I.love.Christmas and your pics are to die for. We do a live tree every year so it will be put up this Sunday when Michael gets back from his National Guard drill. I always make a pot of chili and we eat and decorate the tree. I put up a new decor last year of red and silver and this year I'm adding silver Jingle bells to it. I used to put all the kids ornaments on my tree but since they are older, I've just divided them up and given them their ornaments and starting anew.

  8. Oh JoJo, I like going to the home improvement stores about 2 weeks before Xmas... they do the nicest displays. Our one store also has a huge train set up under their tree rows. GORGEOUS. If one is a grinch, you only need to bring them there and they can't help but get the spirit in their blood. Hugs. Tammy

  9. Wonderful JoJo! I never tire of looking at Christmas trees.


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