"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Which one doesn't belong...

...in six days this lovely, frustrating-torture device,   cast-boot will become history.  After nine long weeks since my "frankentoe" surgery I will be free to roam the hallways of my home, drive, roam the isles of the grocery, hobby, thrift stores...without having to have the hubs chaeuffer me.

There was a time, several years ago, when I wore one of these purdy boots for months and months at a time.  In fact the months turned into years and all for naught.  This time will be different though and once that sweet thing is off...it is OFF baby.    So...Ness, my sweet.  I wasn't trying to compete with you, I just didn't want you to feel alone and dejected with that air cast you are wearing!

And just in case you thought I was just hanging around here without accomplishing a single thing, I present to you the extent of my holiday decorating.  (which at this point would be a single thing)

how is your decorating going?


  1. those would look great on my tree :)
    am excited for you and the boot removal!!!!!

    thank you for your comment and prayers :)

    love n hugs Laura...

    whats your address?

  2. I'm glad you are finally getting your cast off! I'm also glad the DR's know what to do and are able to fix our problem.

    Your Christmas baubles are beautiful!

    Laura, are you sending Christmas treats? If so, I'll give you my address!

  3. That's about the happiest news I've read today. And your holiday decorating just about surpassed my own and I'm done!

  4. Brrrr...it's 27 degrees there right now! That's too cold without snow. :) Good luck with the foot. My neighbor is wearing one, too. He broke his ankle on the inside of the foot.

  5. I can totally relate to your "boot"!! I had bunion surgery four years ago and had to wear the SAME one!

    This year I was sporting the beautiful "sling" from my rotator cuff surgery, and was as pleased as you are to be rid of it! I just wish my pain would have gone with it! Hang in there!

    If it makes you feel any better, I have not decorated at all yet! I'm beginning to get a little nervous about it, too!

  6. Nine weeks!!! That is a long time to be strapped to that clumsy thing. You will feel so light when that thing comes off. Like a little birdie being set free...then watch out world!
    My hubby had to wear that boot also for awhile last Winter when he broke three toes after a horse stepped on his foot. It was an open fracture, which as you know is very bad for someone with diabetes. He healed up OK though. Thank goodness.

  7. I bet you can't wait to get that boot off!!

    The only thing left to decorate is the front porch... we ran out of extension cords, hahaha!

  8. I know it will be a happy day when you get that boot off JoJo!
    We wrapped up the decorating here today! My hubs even put lights on the chicken coop!

  9. I wore one of those boots back in 2000 when I had foot surgery. It's no fun and I know you will be happy to get it off.
    My decorating is about as much as you have done. No tree up, etc. I reaaly need to get going on it.
    Love ya friend!!!

    God Bless~
    Debbie Jean

  10. Wow you really have gotten a lot done. lol
    Glad to hear that is coming off and hopefully you can decorate another container. hahahahaa
    Just checking on you today wondering if your fudge came yet. I sent it by priorty mail so if you and Carole have not got it yet Ms. Pearl is liable to return.
    I am not too far ahead of you with my decorations. I finally put my big tree up after not seeing it for three years and it is way to big for this farmhouse but too late it is up now. Also for the first time out here I put lights on the white picket fence and they are really neat looking at night of course.
    Happy for you JoJo
    Take care


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