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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Apothecary love...

...every year when all the stores start putting out their oh so beautiful, artfully designed, Apothecary jars, I begin to covet them.  Mercy me, I just don't know what happens but I say to myself..."I must have one of those!" 

Truthfully, one of 'those' are quite expensive, so my lust quickly turns to dust where it resides in my head until the next season rolls around.

This year, the year of frugal, thrifty, living, I have discovered that many, many people do not share my love of the Apothecary.  This is, of course, to my advantage as I have found several of them to put away for holiday time.

This weekend I pulled them all out of my secret hiding place, got them all washed, rinsed and shiny, and began the search for something to fill them with.  Mind you...this is a 'shop the house' project.

one holds a child's card game...memory, if I remember right!  Another holds acorns.  I have one with corks we've collected over the years and for people who don't drink that is not an easy collection!  Then there is one with watch faces and another one with large skeleton keys.

But my most favorite of all, the one I would choose if I could have only one...is this one.  I love the shape, sort of a round-square, and not very tall.  Just tall enough to put my husbands grand-mother's tea spoons in.  And I just love me a good cup of tea.

What would you put in an Apothecary?  


  1. I love apothecary jars also! I have several and the fillings change with my moods. Love the idea of putting your favorite tea spoons in one.

  2. I have just a few apothecary jars in my house. LOL! I think I have only bought one at TJ Maxx the rest came from Goodwill. Can I steal the spoon idea? Please...

  3. seashells from Galveston

    rocks from the mountains

    3 kids' worth of baby teeth (too strange?LOL)

  4. I may have some of these somewhere LOL. I believe the last time I had seashells :)

    Yours are beautiful!

  5. I may start a collection when I actually have a house with space to put some in.
    I love yours. All great ideas. I would have to have jelly beans and probably some old fashioned hard Christmas candy like my grandmother had, and perhaps small toys or mini puzzles for grandkids. :)

  6. i wanna see the skeleton keys... I love LOVE LOve Skeleton keys... Can i see your skeleton keys please :)
    love Little Laurie lump lump (as my dad always called me)

  7. ohhh what would i put in one... CANDY of course CHOCOLATE!

  8. I would put buttons in my jar.

    We had a room in our big old farm house where I grew up, that was a junk room. Relatives or their adult children would put their trunks in there, to save. No room at the kids' house and mom was going to the nursing home, "could you keep their trunk?" Almost every trunk had a big Mason jar full of buttons. I could just imagine the coats or dresses those buttons came from. Fascinating.

  9. I'd put sea-glass in one and place it in a window with full sun!
    And I thought I was the only one who collected/saved (for some reason) corks!

  10. I did not realize until now that I too love apothecary jars...and I love saying it apothecary.
    Seriously, I think they are beautiful, but mine would be filled with jelly beans :)

  11. You are a clever one. I love these jars too and your right, they are very expensive in the stores...seems they are in high demand. I usually put mine out at Christmas...Have a good one Jo...hope your feeling well.


  12. Filled to the brim with peanut m&ms. I think they are GORGEOUS! (Of course, they disappear into thin air for some reason and constantly have to be replaced. Oh, the price we pay!)

  13. Being a chemist, I'm into old chemical bottles - not so much the apoth jars. Love to find ones in antique stores that still have the labels and contents.

  14. I love jars! I love to find them in out of the way places. I keep beans and rice and grits and anything that needs to be contained. I have open shelves in my kitchen and I store my jars of staples on them, so it is ever changing. I bought some calico beans at the Amish store. I had never seen any before and they are lovely to look at and yummy to eat!

    I sent you an e-mail concerning sock monkeys. If you didn't get it, feel free to contact me at www.kathy.elias@yahoo.com
    I will be making more monkeys soon, as I have sold several this week.

  15. Great ideas...so now I have to get some apothecary jars to put my "valued junk" in!!!


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