"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy New Year...

...a dog's tale.

I had a much different post intended for New Years and meant to do it a few days ago but as life, and of course my life, things didn't work out quite the way we had planned.

We were all settled in for a nice warm (as warm as you can be when your furnace stops working) evening watching "noir" movies, my favourite.   We had just enjoyed a lovely day sharing our Christmas with our children and grands, a little late as they were all out of town this year visiting inlaws.  I should have never taught them to share!  Anyway, there we were coming down from the festivities and settling in, hubby had to work on new years day so he was about to head to bed and put the dog out for one last time.  This was around 8pm.

Just as the dog got out into our newly fenced yard someone in the neighborhood let off one of those 'booming' fireworks.  A little early perhaps?? And there he went shimmying up the fence over and gone in an instant.  

We live in a gated community, there are very few homes here, so we hoped that he was still in the neighborhood.  Hubby spent hours driving around calling his name "Charlie" and offering him treats and a ride in the car which he loves.  Nothing.  He went outside the gates and looked in the neighboring parks, golf course and river. Nothing.  More and more fireworks now and each one had us thinking he was getting further away. 

Hubs went to bed for two hours then had to get to work all the way in looking for the dog.  I tried to sleep but got up several times to head to the front door and call his name all the while thinking of those dreadful commercials of dogs freezing in the cold and being abused.

This dog is a rescue.  He has had a miserable history from being chained to being thrown out of a moving vehicle.  He is very sweet and is just starting to trust us.  He is also riddled with anxiety.  He is chipped, had tags, and is registered with a 24hour emergency number.

About 8:30 the next morning, after a fitful night, we got a call.  I was afraid to answer it...it was the 24hr emergency line.  He had been found!  He was over the next block, really just a few houses away.  The man living there, a widower, was resting in his recliner when his motion lights alarmed, he looked out the window and there was Charlie wagging his tail and looking pathetic.

This wonderful man took Charlie into his home, fed him (they went to the store for a bag of dog food) and stayed up with him all night trying to comfort him.  Truthfully, he spoiled this dog to pieces!  I think he wants to go back!  In the morning this good Samaritan decided to call the number on the tag.  And a few hours later he brought him home.

I was thinking that the dog bolting was the perfect ending to the crappiest year of our lives.  We just didn't think we would see him again.  But we started the new year with the blessing of a kind hearted old man.  We are forever grateful.

mug shot

May your New Year be filled with crazy, wonderful adventures, many blessings, health, happiness, encouragement and peace.  It's up to us to shine our light and change the world...one person or dog at a time.  ;j


  1. I love the happy ending, and what a start to the year. I hope everything stays on an even keel, your health improves, Charlie stays home,and all else in the garden is rosy. Like those words from Lucy, so true.

  2. Charlie was just testing you guys!! And guess what?! You passed with flying colours!! This is going to be an awesome year!!


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