"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

and the sign says...

...things are moving along nicely here, got a moving date of the 17th May, found a place to lease.  It's only 2 bed, 2 bath so we are losing about 500 sq. ft.  It will seem like much more but purging will become necessary, even more so.  Neither of my children have any sentimental genes so they don't care about the things that have been passed down from generation to generation.  Hurts my heart that I won't have room for some of the things that mean so much to me.  I realize they are just things but they hold memories...I'm sure you understand.

The grand girl was here last weekend and helped pack up the kitchen.  She had a great time and is such a wonderful helper.  She's at the age where work is fun so we have to take advantage of it while we can!  She is coming back this weekend to wipe down all the cabinets and made me promise not to do it before she gets here...yeah, no problem.  She also had fun labeling all the boxes she packed.  Most of them say 'kitchen stuff,' or 'kitchen junk.'  Should be interesting when I unpack.  After the packing she begged for my brother to make up some banana pancakes, which she loves and he loves making them for her, when we realized the bowls and measuring cups had been packed!  Did a little contemplating and found a coffee cup and cereal bowl would work.

So since I haven't been busy enough (sarcasm) I had to go for an MRI.  Having some kidney issues and an ultrasound a few weeks ago found another large mass in my little kidney and another in my common bile duct and pancreas.  This MRI was scheduled for 45 minutes but ended up being over 90 minutes.  I do not enjoy being in the tube, have severe claustrophobia and need to be medicated.  For this test I needed to be fully awake and breathe a certain way to ascertain the pics they needed but because of the medication I kept falling asleep.  About every fifteen minutes they would stop the test, come in the room and wake me up, and start all over again.  gah.  No results yet but the doc is pretty sure all these masses are related to each other but not cancerous.  I will have to have some biopsies to confirm this.  Yeah, the fun never ends around here (more sarcasm) !!

Hubby finally has a surgery date for his back, it's the end of July.  He's been off work on a non-work related injury since December so by the time he gets the surgery and rehab taken care of it will be close to a year.  He is supposed to retire next July...we will see.

I am convinced packing and moving is right up there with the most stressful things a marriage can endure, add to that the job loss, income loss and I can see how some fall apart.  It certainly has put the limits of my patience to the test and having a boarder here (my brother) just adds to it.  If you've got any good thoughts or prayers or both that you can send our way it would be fully appreciated.

And now a message from Miss M;

Be well my friends.  I hope your life is beautiful and happy.  Shine.  Imagine. Love.


  1. Oh I do understand your moving worries.We have our place for sale, twice recently thought it might be sold, not so, and precious things need to be sorted here too. The MRI, hope all is well with that, and for your man, I truly send every loving wish that the surgery is a total success. I try to remember my word for this year was " Keep", and now I need to re-inforce that to include.. " what is absolutely necessary/important/ cannot imagine a day without it" and try to have less stuff!! Sending all loving thoughts for you both.

  2. Hate moving! I will lay awake planning and stressing and it still never goes the way I imagined it would! My kids are not sentimental either. My daughter won't even let me hand over antiques form my grandmother to her daughter! Says she will just get rid of them if I bring them to her house. I believe her! Moving is enough, but medical problems on top is too much!

  3. OhMyGoodness, Joanne. You sure have a lot going on there. It is too bad your kids don't want any family 'things'. I wonder if they will regret it someday. At least my daughters wanted some of my 'stuff' as we are downsizing to move, too.

    How far are you moving? I am glad you have such a good little helper there. Will your brother be moving with you or will be he be out on his own?

    That is scary about the masses. Whether they think it is cancer or not it is still scary! I hope that all is well and that is just a little 'blip' in your overall health. Good luck to your hubby, too, on his surgery.

    Keep us posted when you can! xo Diana

  4. Moving definitely turns into work and can really get everyone tensed up and on each others nerves, Glad you have your little helper coming back, it is sure a blessing having them around.

    You seem to have your hands full right now but know that everything is going to be OK, Cindy and I went through all of this also, we have learned when we get angry to tell one another what we are feeling and then let it go, it doesn't make the anger go away immediately but it sure cuts down on the arguments, not saying that you are arguing but I know how stressful all of this is.

    Have faith, everything is going to work out just fine, just think of all the help you are getting from the Grand.

  5. That was the thing I most disliked about the military. The moving.
    I pray for all my friends and family every night.
    I do understand all your stress. *hugs*
    God bless you all Joanne.

  6. I have you in my daily prayer hon and will continue. Glad you had a little helper! Could you maybe rent a small storage thingy and put memory stuff in it. Maybe a cheap one? I know how hard it is to part with it. I pray for your health and I hear you about those MRIs. Hopefully all will turn out fine :) Remember to take care of yourself. You are under a lot of stress! xoxo


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