"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

thank Heaven for little girls...

...for little girls grow bigger every day.

oh, where to start, where to start.  I have wanted to post for so long now but by the end of the day, which have been very busy of late, all I can think of is sitting down with my feet up watching reruns of the Golden Girls.

We have been working (I mean work!) on readying our home to put on the market.  Gah, where the heck does all this stuff come from????  Granted we have been married 43 years but didn't we ever throw a darn thing out? or recycle? or give it away?  I know we have but the amount of stuff I am finding is making me wonder if things are multiplying as we sleep.

The kids were here last weekend to help us tackle a few jobs we can't handle anymore....thank you, thank you, thank you.  I have a feeling I will be called on for pay back soon!  We have no idea where we are moving to at this point but we need to be in a place that has upkeep included.  Hubby is having back surgery soon and probably won't return to work, and I am completely useless as a yard upkeeper anymore. Plus, two people really don't need 2,000 square feet to clean...it's time to downsize and go have some fun. 

So as I said the kids were here with the grands and we told the little ones we were moving and needed their 'help.'  They packed up their books and some toys and then I found Miss M very busy at my desk.   Later as I walked through the house I saw what it was she was so hard at work with.

and on and on and on it went.  Everything in the house was tagged, even our Roomba had a tag 'robot' on it!.  We all had name tags on in case we forgot who we were.  I think this kindergarten thing is working out well, even though she 'hates' it.  I don't remember being able to write so well back in the day, hell I can't write that well now!

We've been looking at doggie's but so far none of them have spoken to my heart.  I think it will be awhile, at least until we move.  I miss our guy so much that sometimes I swear I hear him coming down the hall or jumping on the bed.  We finally found an answer, the vet thinks he may have had a collapsed windpipe.  It certainly would explain his symptoms the last two days of his life.  Oh, my poor boy....the guilt, the sorrow, the empty.  I know 'it was just a dog' but anyone who has ever given their heart to a pet knows it's more than that.

Well I wish you all a Happy Spring.  I hope you are all well, safe, and warm.  It's cold here and rather dreary but....of course!


  1. how cute for her to help label things LOL as for the "just a dog" they are part of the family and a part of our heart goes with them. hope you find a new pal

  2. I am sure all those labels helped!! I know what you mean about the dog. I am totally smitten with Eddie, but I still reach out to pet Oscar in the night. You never "replace" them, your heart just grows bigger with love for a new one.

  3. Happy Spring to you too Jojo! Cute labels LOL. Glad they were able to help you. Over the past few years I've been getting rid of things too. Not moving, but decluttering. It does seem to multiply! Be sure you get your rest in between all that cleaning!!! xoxoxo Also, hope you find another little furbaby to love :)


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