"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Monday, March 6, 2017

'cause breakin' up is hard to do...

...they say that breakin' up is hard to do, now I know, know that it's true...
Neil Sedaka

My break-up with the Faces of the Book aka Facebook has not been a pleasant one.  Like an old boyfriend that won't go away it keeps calling my name.  I tell myself to make a clean break but then there I am everyday checking in, wondering how my friends are doing, looking for recipes, reading the latest news, gossip.  I am hopelessly addicted.

I tell myself it's okay to check real quick like, for ten minutes or so.  The next thing I know that ten minutes has turned into thirty and then and hour and two hours.  All the while the dishes sit undone, laundry is crawling on it's own into the laundry room begging to be washed, the dinner is not cooking itself.  I just cannot understand the hold this ridiculous thing has on me.  I think I need an intervention.

Yes, breakin' up is hard to do.


  1. haha...oh, that's me with Instagram! I'm seriously thinking about dropping my FB. I can't stand all the political stuff that has taken over my home page. Still, it's my only connection to some high school and college friends, so I hesitate. But I wouldn't miss it at all. Instagram, on the other hand, is unbelievably fun to me.

  2. I know what you are saying, Joanne. Some days I feel like leaving FB forever because of the 'overload'. I do try to control what I look at and 'thin out' the people/sites I do not need in my life.
    And especially sine '45' arrived I do care about reading about him from so many media outlets.......so I do not read any. I get my perspective about all that from evening news on CBC here in Canada.
    I still find FB useful....by spreading my '60's radical' viewpoints around and of course sharing my photos and daily adventures.
    So, maybe try to thin thin things out and you will not feel so guilty about using FB....you will be in the 'driver's seat', so to speak.

  3. I would not make it through the day without FB and my friends on there. They keep me uplifted and make me smile. I don't have a lot of political stuff pop up and I'm glad. I would miss you if you left Jojo!

  4. Well, I do understand. A day is about all I can do. Ha!
    Try setting an alarm that won't go off until you get up; and then make sure you put it just far enough that you can not turn it off from your computer, but you have to get up to shut it off?

    Have a blessed week, Joanne.


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