"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Thursday, February 9, 2017

take me back to the start...

...In the beginning there was a girl.  That girl is me, not to be confused with "That Girl."

This girl was busy working for Caring bridge and the Tumbleweed Foundation, both of which provide wonderful services to sick children and adults.  Caring bridge provides free blogs to keep families and frieds updated and the Tumbleweed Foundation provides additional services such as travel, food, gas, gifts for the siblings, etc.  Unfortunately the Tumbleweeds were unable to keep functioning as such.  I would love to start a service like that again.  Anyway, this girl was involved.

Being so involved this girl became followers of many patients, checking in on them daily and offering any help we could.  Sometimes prayers, sometimes more.  As patients recovered many of them went on to start blogs of their own.  this girl had no idea how that worked but  nevertheless followed them in their new venture.

After months and months of 'should I' or 'shouldn't I,'  this girl decided to start a blog of her own.  It's been nine years since she made that decision and even though many posts were silly nonsense, and serious nonsense, this girl felt less isolated and depressed as she told her story.  This girl found many friends with blogs who became real-life friends, many who became supportive prayer friends, many who understood her life.  The girl was very pleased.

But then the girl was sucked into a different world.  A place called Facebook, and as much as she struggled against it the pull to belong was too strong and she left the blogging world for the instant gratification.  Blogging occasionally she struggled to find things to share and as so her friends, with few exceptions, drifted away.  Maybe they had been lured away too.

Then one day about three months ago there was a huge change in the world.  The girl was very confused and sad.  People she thought were friends were spewing vile remarks at anyone and everyone on this Facebook.  It became a place of unhappiness, a place she no longer knew, no longer was it welcoming.  Less and less did the girl want to be part of it.  Yes, a few people railed against the hatred and posted some beautiful things but alas it wasn't enough to heal the girls innocence and broken heart.

The girl returned to her blogging roots.  Knowing she could offer her opinion without hesitation, knowing she could find kindness again, knowing she could be part of that kindness.  Several years later the girl, this girl, decided to return to her roots.  The girl is looking forward to a new lease on life. 


  1. You have chosen well, and us here in Blogland will always be your friends, through thick and thin, winter and summer, good times and not so good, and will listen, care, share, and be with each other at all times. And, I truly hope, leave nothing but kind words and loving thoughts.

  2. It may not be instant, but we do support each other.
    I agree, about faceless book. The odd thing I find, is, as you say, it didn't bounce back like it did after the re-election of obama.
    A few of the bloggers have come back after a long hiatus.
    I hope you enjoy your new lease on life, and that it is good to you, Joanne.
    God bless. ♥ ^__^

  3. Welcome Home, Honey! Glad you are back. I got so tired of FB and all the hatred thrown around---like rice at a wedding-settling into the cracks of the sidewalks of life. I unfriended so many and hid many others and am barely on there any more either.
    I did not realize you were part of Caring Bridge. It is a wonderful organization and I have recommended it to many people. xo Diana

  4. I'm glad you are back. I need to get off of FB and start blogging again. I am so tired of the hatred and vile. I hope you will find peace here!

  5. Like a lot of things I feel most ideas/ventures begin to fade out for whatever reason.
    Blogging saved me as well when I really needed to contact/meet/engage with people. It was a god-send and I felt very successful with it.
    But as human-nature is something else appeared and I gave that a try.....FB.
    I love FB and use it as a tool to share important things in my life and things that are politically significant. ....as least to me.
    I still blog three times a week and share my thoughts and photos with the few followers that remain. I am not into the amount/number of followers I have......quality not quantity.
    The same with FB. Both have a purpose for good and they are very opposite in nature.
    Joanne, I remember first 'meeting' you a few years back. I was impressed with your sensitivity and kindness and very sick sense of humour!! lol I liked you from the start and if you are back to blogging then I am happy for you and us.....those who get to read and see what you say and how you see life.
    You have learned a lot I am sure by being away from here. Now you can begin afresh and I wish you the best.


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