"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Friday, September 23, 2016

true colours...

...I had so many titles for this post,
should I stay or should I go...
all showing you the state of mind that I am currently in.  Continue at your own risk.  Believe me, you've been warned.

My poor like punky went off to school with high hopes and sweet dreams, for two weeks.  They were on half days for two weeks called running start.  Then they started full days, all day every day is a lot to ask a five year old.  After her first full day she came home and wrote a 'letter' to her parents.  "I hate school, I don't want to go back, it's too boring."  Gonna be a long twelve years little one.  I can't stand to see her little heart breaking so soon.  I know it will get better.

My picture card, photo card, whatever it's called, got damaged in the grocery store when I was trying to upload all my photos.  LOST all of them, first day of school, first swimming lessons, family get-together, fun at the park...you get the idea.  My brother says they're somewhere in the phone, I guess there is an automatic back up for photos and documents.  Now I just need to find it.

My older....way older brother is now lilving with us.  He had been in New Mexico for the last twenty years and out of contact for the last ten.  Out of the blue he sends me an email that he is coming for a visit.  OK, great.  Problem was that I was in the hospital when he got here.  Here's the fun part, sarcasm alert.  I texted our sister from the hospital asking if she would pick him up at the train station...ummmm no.  I asked our other brother if he could pick him up...ummm no.  What the hell?   I was in the hospital and couldn't exactly do anything about it.  So my hubby was going to take time off from work, for which he does not get paid, and pick up brother, suddenly 2nd brother says okay, since I'm in the hospital he will do it and bring him to his house but as soon as I'm out he will bring him back to my house.  No recovery time there.  I again texted my sister with no reply.  Now my brother is living with us because he neglected to tell anyone before coming up here that he was homeless.  Gawd.  Just what my husband needs; another dependent.  This is a full grown man who acts like a belligerent teenager waiting for his mother to cook his next meal.  I am going out of my mind here.

So we had a sit down and things are slightly better but still no help from him or the siblings.  He doesn't drive, neither do I and with only one car there is nothing for him to do all day but watch FOX/CNN.  By the way dear sister is no longer talking to me and has unfriended me on facebook.  You will never guess why.  She thinks I should have called her instead of texting her when I needed help so she's not going to ever help me or talk to me again.  I  WAS IN THE HOSPITAL. This is not the way we were raised and if our parents could see us now they would be so ashamed.  I'm ashamed at the pettiness.  Oh good Lord, I wish y'all lived closer.

Rant over.  take care and be safe dear ones.


  1. Oh Dear, families and their foibles!!! Where are you on Facebook? I am there somewhere, maybe try
    " Jean McKinstry" and you'll find me. Hope you are slowly recovering, not a good time to have anyone else stay, far less a dependant older brother. Take care, rest often, enjoy the sky/wind/rain/morning daylight/coffee or tea, and hopefully a good sleep at night. Hugs from NZ.

  2. Family. Sigh. Nuff said.

    Your lil 5 year will adjust to a full day with a bit of patience and encouragement. After 15 years of kindergarten I was used to the fact that some kinder woke up and were aghast that school happened every.single.day. LOL! They eventually fell in love with the routine. And I was super skeptical about full day kindergarten but it's actually better for the the kidlets. More leisurely and less pressure. And they make the adjustment to 1st grade so much better. For the record, a full day was hard for us teachers at the beginning too!


  3. Ankara'nin en iyi kurye sirketi olan
    kurye ankara hizmette
    sinir tanimiyor...

  4. Oh my Jojo! What a big mess! Your sister. Gah. Your brother. Gah. How long does he thing he can mooch? I'm so sorry you are having to go through this. BTW, I'm still waiting to hear how little kidney is doing and what's happening with the other kidney. Do you just like to keep us in suspense? God is getting irritated that I keep praying the same prayer for you LOL xoxoxo

  5. P.S. I hope your photos show up somewhere! :)

  6. Oh, Jo! I've never heard of such siblings....oh, wait. I have--they were very close to me! I am really disappointed to hear this, after all you have been through over the years. Pettiness, unkindness, thoughtlessness!
    I am so sorry,Honey! It's your blog--and you need to vent all you want. I just wish there would be a quick remedy to this mess.
    Bless you, you dear thing!
    Trudy (Bluebird49)


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