"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Monday snap...no snap...layers and tiers

yes this will be random and 'snap' less since I still cannot access my photos.  I hate posting without some sort of photo so just look up to my header pic and that should make you smile.  My grandgirl and her friend playing at the park last summer when this was taken, wow, what timing to get that action.  Love it.

Okay, so we are random this week since I have been so nonchalant about posting.  I have good reason though...I'm sick.  I know I'm always sick but having a chronic illness that begs for attention every minute over the last fifty years is waaaay different than being sick.  I'm never sick, never have colds, flu, migraines, etc.  Well in the last three weeks I've run the gambit.  I started with that feeling that I was fighting off something, which turned into a cold, then that turned into bronchitis and now here I sit with pneumonia.  Good grief.  I've not felt this punky in a long time.  It's exhausting.  To be honest just life has been exhausting lately but I don't admit that to get sympathy or a lecture so if you want to join in the pity party you are welcome, and if you want to whine or bring wine that's fine too!

While most of the country is shivering in sub-zero temps and snow we have been enjoying very warm, for us, temps.  It was 65degrees yesterday and we have not had a freeze all winter long.  I enjoy seasons and especially our occasional snow events but it's been a few years since we have had snow.  You know what that means right?  Bugs.  Bugs, crawly, flying, stinging, creeping bugs.  Without a freeze the summer will be miserable with them.

No silver lining there.

We decided to have a 'no spend' month.  Since February is the shortest month we thought it would be a good place to start.  Keeping track of all our out of pocket expenses, only buying groceries at the grocery store, only the necessities of paying bills, gas for the car.  No spending on coffee out, dinner out (which is rare), no goodies for the grands.  So far it's been very eye opening.  Our co-pays for doctors and rx are out of sight...well over $$$ so far this month and growing.  Now I can see some big changes having to take place if hubby wants to retire in two years.  PLUS, I am really itching to take a stroll around Target!

I was unable to attend my beautiful, smart, sassy, funny, artistic, joker, grandgirls birthday party yesterday.  She turned the big 5!  I can't remember how so much time has passed so quickly.  She was just a newborn, all red and wrinkly, laying in her isolette while her poor mamma was drunk with that new baby happiness/pain med mixture.  Now she's going to be headed to school in the Fall after two years of pre-school.  She is such a treasure, something I could have never imagined feeling in this life.  In a word: delightful.

She put in a special order for her birthday cake this year, which her daddy made and I am anxious to see pics of.  She did not want a 'layer' cake but a three 'tiered' cake.  Basically a wedding cake!  He did it, pulled it off, each tier a different colour, shape, and size.  I'm sure they had a blast.  Darn I missed it...two years in a row, I really suck a making special memories.  Just ask my own.

Have a good week peeps.  Stay clear of those 'sick' people because this stuff is ugly.  I even got my flu, whooping cough, pneumonia and booster shots this year.  gah.


  1. *hugs*
    Hope you feel better soon, Joanne. God bless. ♥

  2. February is just one of those months...I always wonder how so many things can go wrong in one extra-short month! Get well soon so you can enjoy those grands!

  3. Hey Joanne. This has been a 'sick' season around these parts as well. They say that the flu going around here is not included in the '4 flu' one they offered this year. Luckily I brushed my 3 day flu off without too much trouble. You know how guys can be, right!! lol No snow?! Can't imagine it! Well actually I can......when we lived in Vancouver we thought we were in paradise! You are right about the bugs. Thank god we freeze up here or otherwise we'd never be able to go outside in spring and summer....it does help a bit. Your grandgirl sounds delightful, Joanne. Have a better week than last and I like what you guys are doing to see how much you are spending. Good idea. AT least here we have 'free' health care (I know our taxes are high but worth it in the long run) and we do hvae a gov't-run prescription drugs program which covers some of the cost....it all helps. Hey, if Bernie gets in, you too will be 'socialist' like us in Canada!! lol take care.

  4. Hope you are feeling better soon and hate that you missed the party! ((Hugs))

  5. If comments could purge those old bugs from your system...I'd write several for you...may you surrender to what is just enough that all your energies pour into getting well and strong again. A big pot of hot tea....naps ....I wish you the best.

  6. What kind of bugs do you have down there? Even without a big freeze we rarely even see a mosquito - and some spiders in the autumn. Love the header. Hope you are feeling better soon. I've been two weeks with a cold - which is finally letting up a big. Did you read the disclosure on the flu shots, etc. It says right on the med package that the vaccine is not effective against any flu virus in our country currently. Same with pneumonia shots - what a scam. Take care and rest up.


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