"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

tender mercies...

...with the holidays in site I want to take a moment to wish all of you the Peace and Joy of celebration.  May it be with your family and friends or with memories of the heart I hope that you are filled with the light of gratitude.  And may you take that light and shine it on others who are in darkness, fear, loneliness, depression, illness and despair  and touch their hearts as you have been touched.  Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, with gratitude and light, thank you for making my life so much better...for shining that light on me.


  1. Hi Joanne,no Thanksgiving down here. I am busy trying to meet the deadlines for overseas posting, and the end of the month for a one-block- wonder. I echo the words from Jake Bailey, the young man from CBHS, " Be gallant, be great, be gracious and be grateful" and if I am some of those I will be contented with every opportunity that life throws my way. Have a happy Thanksgiving, safe driving ( if you go out), a warm fire if you stay home, and love and happiness always.

  2. A blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours, too, Joanne. God bless. ♥

  3. Having a quiet Thanksgiving here. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving Jojo. Beautiful post. We all have so much to be thankful for...

  4. A little peace would be welcome right about now--but counting my blessings anyway! You too light up my life and make it better. Don't you just love Wendell Berry?!

  5. Happy thanksgiving to you too sweet lady!

  6. happy Christmas season to you!!!!! I hope Thanksgiving was good for you and your family. Mine was good!!!



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