"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Monday, July 20, 2015

monday snap...

 hot day silliness..

a happy lion face from my grandson.  knock-knock
                                                           who's there?
                                                           lion who?
two year olds first knock knock joke. 

 first apples of the season, so early that they didn't grow any larger before turning red.  These are Gravenstein and wow are they tart.

 through the looking glass.

love Gerbera daisies, even they think it's too hot to be outside.
have a wonderful, happy, healthy, safe week.  I have so many people that I am holding special intentions for and am holding hope and faith for them.  Be well friends.


  1. I love gerber daisies...and lions...and knock knock jokes. It sure it hot there! We are a bit cooler, got some rain and a cold front moved in. Not bad, but humid again.

  2. Looking mighty hot indeed, those flowers are stunning, for some reason in our small town they do not thrive at all, even in a pot. What a joke, never too young it seems.

  3. Children's jokes are so much fun because it makes my heart glad to see them laughing very hard. Good knock knock joke.

    Was it really that hot there ? Did you melt ?

    The daisies are so brilliant and cheery. They perked up when brought indoors, see, too hot even for the plants. Thought we were living in the Pacific Northwest where it's supposed to rain all the time, sheesh ! But who do you complain to about the weather anyway ?

  4. love the knock knock jokes, the flowers, the looking glass, and you!!!!! I am glad you posted yesterday! Boy, are you having scorcher of days! I thought 90s were bad, but wow, 101 is way worse! I do hope it cools down for you! It cooled off today and we won't see hot hot until next week mid week according to the forecast, but as you know that can change in a heartbeat!

    2 lessons for the day and then dinner. Not much else happening today. 5 lessons yesterday!!!! It was beautiful!!!

    I do hope your a/c lasts and you stay cool!!!!

    Love you!!!


  5. I love that age, don't you Joanne? Not that I want a houseful of them at one time though :))) I have a little grand that age right now.
    Your apples are already ripened? Things are a little early here too. WOnder if that means we will get an early fall?
    I hope you have the bestest weekend sweetie!
    much love...


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