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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Prudence and her never ending patience...

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now where were we?  Ahhh yes, hubby has just called and is bringing home some dinner guests, you don't have time to shop, and the maid has quit just hours earlier.  What to do??  Call Prudence at "Penny Wise."  She is the domestic saviour in these situations.  She will be right over to help.  (and apparently shop on the way since all you have in the fridge is some burned cream soup.)

Ever so quickly Penny moves in and takes over the kitchen.  Guests are due in 30minutes.  First she puts the oven at 400. Then gets two pots of water boiling and the old burned soup heating up.  As this is heating she peels potatoes and carrots, then parboils them for ten minutes. *tip, parboiling will cut down on the roasting time.  In the other boiling pot of water she drops in two oranges *tip, they will be juicier and then the juice can be used for cocktails.  As the soup is warming up she adds a dollop of peanut butter *tip, peanut butter will remove the burned taste without leaving a peanutty taste.  Draining the carrots/potatoes she places them on a baking sheet along with 4 ham steaks that have been topped with pineapple rings.  *tip, use the leftover pineapple juice to pour over the ham steaks and veggies this will keep them bronze and sweet.  She also finds some sausage in the refrigerator and adds it to the baking pan.

When the guests arrive she has the cocktails ready and adds the finishing touches to the dinner.  Just before plating it up she mixes a little water, sugar, and mint (fresh)  (where did that come from?) and  a pat of butter and pours it over the vegetables.  Then the ham, sausages, pineapple, and veggies are placed on a serving platter and she proudly serves it to the guests who are already seated at the dinner table.  Yum, thank you Penny!

And if you think that is amazing just wait, there is dessert too!  (tomorrow)

***taken from a homemaking series called "Penny Wise," featuring Prudence Penny, from the 1930's and found on TCM.


  1. Huh.
    That is pretty darn interesting.
    She can come to our house anytime. :-)
    Stay warm and have a blessed week, Joanne. ♥

  2. Oh- Don't you love that!!! I often feed people but not on an hour's notice. lol
    Hope you are doing well, Joanne! xo Daina

  3. 'Oh Penny!' We need you here ASAP!!
    Everyone ought to have their own 'Penny'. Right, Joanne?

  4. Can you send her right over? No, I'm not having company but I sure am hungry Joanne. Better yet--you and hubby can bring Penny over and have dinner with us. I would love that!
    You take care of yourself and heal up fast please!
    much love...

  5. Hi, I just found your blog and so enjoyed this post! Prudence is a gal I need to hang around my kitchen! I did not know that peanut butter could work that trick! Thank you........or Prudence for the tip. My mom used to fix ham every Christmas with pineapple slices.....so enjoyed visiting here.

  6. Oh my that is a good one. Now can she clean the bathroom, vacuum and dust before they get here too?
    My husband learned long ago never to invite people for dinner without checking with me first. If I was not prepared then it would be dinner out with them instead.


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