"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

the week that was,

Christmas gift from my punky girl.

the leg that wasn't, no resolutions, the flu and a 'word.'

How's that for a title?   Oh my what a week since we last visited.  Where to start, how much to tell, you decide.

It was a lovely Christmas eve, we were all happily waiting for the appointed time to be at our hosts home for our annual celebration.  I was an hour away and in charge of most of the food and of course all the best presents.  When what should I hear but a strange 'crack?'  It wasn't cold outside so no freezing ice to fall, nothing indoors that caught my attention but wait, as I turned the corner to the kitchen something just didn't seem right.  Hmmm, oh well, let me feed the dog and then I'll figure it out.  OHHHhhh now I get it as I take a tumble into the dog dish and onto the floor.  There on my right lower leg where I normally have a gorgeous prosthetic leg, well, I don't know how to explain it but something just seems askew.  Oh yeah, the prosthesis was cracked and hanging off the side of my leg.  Merry Christmas.  I call the hubby, who had to work, and told him of my dilemma, then called my leg doctor (prosthetist) and told him my dilemma and stressed the fact that I was the grandma and had made many, many plans and this just was not acceptable.  And guess what he did?  He went down to his basement, found an old leg of mine, and brought it all the way to my house, about an hour away.  (Isn't that the strangest sentence you have ever read???) We, the hubby and I, were a little late for our appointed duties but we made it safe and sound, and with the food.

Now the entire afternoon as this was playing out what did my children do???  Texted me several times not to ask if I was alright, not to ask if I need help, NO, they were hungry and when was I going to get there?  Nice to know some things don't change.

Now you all know that I don't do resolutions because they are always the same and they always fail.  Lose weight, yeah.  Downsize and declutter, double yeah.  Save money, don't even go there.  So the last few years I have been choosing a 'compass' word to guide me and remind me that it's really not all about me, that this life is more about what I can contribute, how I can make things better for someone else thus making it better for all of us.  Get it?  In the past I have used words such as, 'nourish,' 'joy,' and most recently 'courage.'  Wow, I didn't know how much I would need that word to guide me last year.  This year I have chosen, 'be.'   I will be sharing with you just how many ways I can use this word to change my life.

And to end this lovely post, we all have the flu.  Thank you my darling children and grandchildren for sharing such a special gift with me this season.

be well, see you soon.


  1. Well, I have just read Michaele's post about her huge snow drift and the problems backing into her driveway, and your poor leg, is it plastic or carbon-fibre? What a great man to drive over, that is true caring. After all that, I do hope the food was appreciated, and your leg is hanging in there. Huge hugs, Jean.

  2. You get better!!!! You hear??? You give a whole new meaning to 'break a leg' :)
    I'm so glad you were ok from the fall because you know, a fall at our age isn't like a fall even ten years ago. Not that we're old of course, just that I don't know if my bones are or not :)))
    I think I'd keep that Dr. around for sure!
    I was thinking of you on Christmas and wanted to text you to wish you a Merry Christmas but couldn't find your number again. Did it snow there on Christmas eve? We got a lot and it was a God-send!
    Wishing you a wonderful New Year BE-ing my dear friend!
    much love...

  3. What a good compass word....thank you. And courage needn't be left behind...I don't want to consider the alternative.

    I did make a box of give away today...but not resolution powered either.

  4. That made me laugh...glad you can see some humor in it all. Hope you are feeling better!!!

  5. The flu ........ the gift that keeps on giving! I was in quarantine and not exposed to any more viral bugs and did not share my own. We all texted a lot, though!

  6. Joanne, so good to hear that your doctor 'saved the day'! Hope the new prosthesis has a warranty.
    Do you get the flu shot? We do. But have heard that this year's flu strain is not in this year's shot! Another flu nudged it aside and took over.
    Hope you get rid of it soon. 'be' well. I like your word.

  7. You always leave me smiling, Joanne. Glad everything worked out in the end for the holidays.

    My littlest grand-daughter gave the flu bug to her mommy after New Years. Turns out mom was happy to stay in bed and indulge in a Breaking Bad marathon. Silver lining in every cloud!

  8. What a wonderful gift that the Doc drove all that way!! Can't ask for better service. I glad you and your family had a wonderful holiday.
    I love your word "be". It's pretty close to how I am really striving to be in the moment or at least be for this day. Not worrying about the future. Truly lessens my anxiety not living in the future and worrying :) Happy New Year!!

  9. This year I am working on my anxiety! We both have things to be doing! You with the Be and me with my lovely, well, not so lovely, anxiety! Happy New Year!


  10. I loved this post! You managed to take a stressful time and turn it it to a very humorous post!


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