"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Monday, November 3, 2014

welcome November...

Oh November you, you always seem to put me in a tail spin.  You hide our beautiful sunrises and sunsets with your cloudy, dreary wet days.  And long nights that tend to lead me to mind wandering.  You are the keeper of my darkest secrets, feelings I've never shared with anyone.  You are the keeper of wonderful memories of anniversaries, and Thanksgiving celebrations. You are the keeper of my son's last days, the baring of my soul.  Somehow time always seems to slow down in November.  A winding down of sorts.

after a nice dry night for trick or treating, of which we had over 100 at our door, we had a blustery, wet weekend.  Lots of leaves on the ground waiting, just waiting, for some one to rake 'em up.  I wonder.

the storm drains are all clogged and soon there will be flooding if the job is left undone.  Something so beautiful a few weeks ago has turned into the bane of our existence the last few days.  Although the warm temps make the job a little less weary.  I remember the days of small children helping with the piles of leaves and then jumping into them, the fire pit going, and marshmallows toasting...just like a Hallmark card.  So much fun.
some hold on to their colours through the entire season
and some try to hide in the few green leaves that are left, must be weeds eh?
then of course there is always that one last guy who is going to hang on until all the others have been raked up and then slowly, ever so slowly and with grace, slide gently to the ground.  And it's even shaped like a heart.  I heart you November, be kind to us please.  

How many of you have skipped right past Thanksgiving and moved on to Christmas?  Too soon I say, too soon.


  1. Your post reminds me of my mind's meanderings as I do chores in the wet November mud. Still, I love all November has given me. Our daughter was born in November and there are so many Thanksgiving memories that are very sweet.

    When the days are too dark and I am not feeling physically up to the chores outdoors, I light cider scented candles in the living room, make a pot of tea, and find some needlework to do while I watch a comforting ( maybe even boring ) movie.

    Blessings to you Joanne.

  2. I firmly believe in not celebrating Christmas until we have given Thanks, Thanksgiving is a big deal in my opinion and it's a shame that it is skipped by so many.

    Beautiful Post.

  3. GREAT post!!! I am with you- November is a bittersweet month for me for sure! I don't do Christmas here until after Thanksgiving....although I might try to get my lights up outside if we have a couple of warm days towards Thanksgiving. I just don't turn them on. xo Diana

  4. Glad your Halloween was good...Only 3 more weeks till Thanksgiving. Hard to believe. But I do love Thanksgiving. It's about the family and good food. I love the family time, the best. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  5. I likes this 'thought flow' very much! Summed up pretty well how I have been feeling.
    100 kids at the door? there are not that many people in our little community here on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia! We always get 0 on Halloween night.
    we leave our leaves on the ground till spring and let them do there thing by protecting the ground plants. I know, easy for us as we live in the BOONIES!

  6. I always disliked how they jumped right into Christmas after Halloween. Because it's for the wrong reason.
    I am definitely enjoying the cooler weather though. Have a great evening, Joanne. ♥

  7. Such a peaceful post Jojo...contentment.
    I especially loved the last leaf hanging on. That feels like me :)
    I don't do Christmas until after Thanksgiving. No rushing here xoxo

  8. A beautiful post from my beautiful friend! I always love coming Jo and reading your heart. I sure do miss you my dear. Next time you and the hubs vacation I hope it's right through here again.
    sending my love....

  9. not me!!! We have not jumped right into Christmas!!!! We are planning an early Thanksgiving on the 15th, well my housemates are. After Thanksgiving, I will have Calli get out my little tree and put it up in the living room. It has lights on it and that is all I am doing this year because Peony still chews things only being 13 months old. She is just a puppy!!!! I love her soooooo much!



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