"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Saturday, October 25, 2014

a little Friday randomness...

...no photos to share today, don't know if it's my computer or blogger but...

I have been having some of my comments kicked back to me as undeliverable.  I don't really understand why as I can see them on your blogs but I keep getting these messages in my inbox, 'mail system failure.'   So even if you don't see them I AM commenting...interesting concept eh?

I had a completely different post ready to go today, a soap box post, and then the tragedies of the last few days hit me hard and I felt I should wait.  It's not a hateful post but it is something that doesn't need to be out in the world at this moment.

At this moment we need some peace, Peace in our hearts, Peace in our lives, Peace in our souls.  We have let down our children in so many ways and they are hurting so badly that violence seems to be their only way out.   This has to stop.    We must find a way.

And for those who simply want to eliminate all that is good--I have no words.  You will not tear us down, we are strong and we, the US, will stand with our neighbors to bring you down.

It is Autumn here, beautiful and colourful for just a few more days.  Let's go out and enjoy it in safety and peace.  Let us be the start...


  1. i hear you, Joanne. I am just sickened by all the violence and hate that is going on around us...and now another school shooting. When will it end an HOW will it end? Scary times for our kids and our country.

    I hope you have a peaceful weekend. xo Diana

    ps. Sounds like others are having the same problem and from what I can see it is when people don't have a gmail address but are using another server? Not sure- I am NOT techy!

  2. Hey Joanne, you are so right we all have to stand together and not bow down to the random violence and hate that seems to surround us, the media does make it all seem worse than it actually is but it is still there and we can't ignore it...

    Everything is going to be just fine in the end.

    I have Jimmys Opinion
    back up and running with a new address, would love too have you drop by and follow along again http://jimsop.blogspot.com/

  3. Couldn't agree more, Joanne! Thanks for the support. It has been a rough week here in Canada.

  4. *hugs* and God bless, Joanne. ♥

  5. I get the emails kicked back saying the same thing, except I haven't sent anyone the email! I get a lot!
    Completely agree about peace and how much we need it. Seems every "source" I turn to it's bad news and violence.
    Sending you well wishes, positive thoughts and a big hug sweetie ♥

  6. Amen to what you've said ! I was wondering this past week just why there seems to be so much despair in any young man or woman that murder & suicide seem the only recourse. But then again, I don't want to travel down that road of thought because there is so much to live for, so much to love, so much to do... and life is short enough. If only someone bent on self-destruction could decide to risk his / her life helping others. That would of course require a person to look outward and away from self. A good lesson for me for sure. " Let us be the start..."


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