"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Yesterday, when I was young...

...the taste of life was sweet
like rain upon my tongue...(roy clark)

I can't remember the rest of the words so I googled them and then realized how very sad they are and for once this is not a sad post, but I still like the song.   Yesterday I slipped out of my funk long enough to:

  cleaned out the fridge, wiped everything down, put in new baking soda and yet I still cannot locate the source of the 'odour.'   Phew...

 I gathered up some of my organizing stuff so when I finally do organize I know where it will be..on the kitchen counter!

 I juiced a bag of lemons and got about 1 cup for cooking, baking, etc.  Then I put the empty hulls in a freezer bag so I can pull a few out when I need to clean the sink.  Same with a bag of limes.

 I baked a fresh blueberry cobbler, put it in the freezer, then took it back out.  The temptation was just too much.

 I cleaned bunches of heirloom tomatoes and I gotta say those yellow pear tomatoes are fantastic.  I've got the skillet warming up so somebody better warn the pasta that it's next...

stay tuned.  what did you do with your yesterday?


  1. I hate cleaning the fridge so I applaud you! I think your cobbler looks delish and I don't blame you for enjoying it right away. What did I do with my day? Eyes, bones, and an emergency c-section for twins, boy scout meeting, made cookies for work....I think that about covers it! I hope you have a great day today!

  2. I taught 4 lessons and rested yesterday. Today I taught 4 lessons and rested some more. I also read. I played with Peony. I am trying to pace myself better. The new medicines seems to be working.


  3. Don't you hate that when 'the odour' can't be found!!
    You had a busy yesterday and that cobbler was your reward, Joanne!!
    I did my routine yesterday......walked dog on trail in AM, made lunch (well, person at restaurant did I guess....lol), came home did some 'research' on computer, read a little , made supper and watched finale of SYTYCD. There.

  4. Busy bee you are Jojo! I haven't done that much in one day in a long time. May motivate me hahahaha
    On a good day I'll try it :)

  5. YOU, my friend, had a super busy day and got a lot done. I'm betting there is NO blueberry cobbler left. lol xo Diana


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