"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Monday, June 2, 2014

pushing summer...

I admit it, I am trying to hurry Summer along.  Not that I want it to hurry up and be over but because I am desperate for some sunny skies and warmer days.  The last two have been so incredibly beautiful that they have pushed me to the limit.

I am so anxious to get outside and take a nice long walk to the river, toss some stones in or maybe even 'skip' a few.  That takes talent you know, and a special kind of rock, neither or which I seem to possess when the time comes.

I want to go on a picnic and bring my grands to a fun little park in town.  It has all the great play toys and a wading pond, about 5 inches deep, to splash around in.  It has a stage and often live music for dancing.  It is also in the parking lot of the library so we can check out books and take them outside to read.

I want iced coffee.

I want to get my gardens growing and watch the flowers show off and I want to eat fresh veggies that we actually grew ourselves.  I want to open the windows and smell the fresh air, hear the birds and laughter of the neighborhood as it comes alive after our long winter nap.

I want to see colour everywhere and listen to the great summer tunes of my youth.

I would put on some great summer tunes to get the engines runnin' and the memory machine geared up.  I remember some great summer lovin' music and even better I am immediately transported to that sweet, young girl running around with her girlpals and hanging out in all the coolest boy meeting spots in town.  A couple of my favourites...

1. Summer in the City...the lovin' spoonful......absolutely my mostest favourite summer song.
2. Boys of Summer...don henley.... summer and baseball, nothing better, especially if your with your guy, or he's the one playing baseball.
3.  Summertime Blues...eddie cochran....there really is no cure.
4.  Suddenly last Summer...motels...kind of a sad, lonely one.
5.  Cruel Summer...bananarama...sad, alone at the beach, teary one.

So there's my list, how about you?  Let's get this summer goin'.  Oh, and by the way...I don't like beach music therefore there are no Beach Boys songs on my list!

What about you?  What are you looking forward to, skipping stones? picnics? dancing in the streets?  Welcome June!


  1. One of my favorite times of the year is May and June but the hardest, worst time of year at work is May and June. I hate being cooped up for 12 hours a day when the world is celebrating its beauty. 7 more years until retirement. And then....

  2. Well- I had my first iced coffee the other day-but only Starbucks does it right for me-sugar free and wonderful.

    It sounds like you have wonderful wishes for your summer, my friend. We have friends coming to stay a week here and lots going on. I love sultry summer nights with lightening flashes across the bay----xo Diana

  3. Yes, welcome June!
    I am looking forward, Joanne, to sitting by the river as it rushes out to sea during low tide and of course when it is in reverse at high tide.
    I love to listen to the 'quaking aspens' in the breeze in August.
    I love to walk on the beach in the early early morning before the hoards come from the city.......no beach music, don't worry! lol
    Just a few summer thoughts I am looking forward to.
    Hope all your come to fruition soon Joanne.

  4. No Beach Boys? um... hm.... I was 10 in 1962. That music WAS summer for me. ;-)
    You have a great list, Joanne. *hugs* ♥ :-)

  5. Someone asked me today what it was like being on vacation all the time .... summertime is hard work for me, but I do love mornings with the dew still on my gardens, cup of coffee in my hand as I stroll and pick at weeds and watch my vegetables grow.


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