"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Thursday, May 29, 2014

some days are diamonds, some days are dust...

I went outside yesterday morning and peeked in on the birdies.  All five of them had hatched and were chirping for something to eat.  No sign of mom as I assume she was out foraging for food.  Still no sign of the Mr.  Just love the little chirping chorus.

I am now the proud owner of a new 'permanent' splint on my right wrist. Permanent in the sense that I only need to wear it when I'm sleeping, doing household chores, working in the yard, out in public, playing with my grandchildren and/or husband....in other words I can take it off to bathe and that's about it. Permanent also in the sense that it will be 6-8 months. Unless they change their minds about surgery. Yipee!!!

 In other exciting news, I got hacked.  Got my credit card number stolen and somebody went on a lovely vacation, even buying themselves an $8 coffee.  They must be from around here!!  As it turns out my credit card company was monitoring this activity, closed my account and took care of the charges.  I now have a new card, funny thing is, I don't carry my credit cards with me so it wasn't lost and I don't use that one online so I can't quite figure it out...they got my cell info too and opened phones for all their friends.  Finally, I'm in a 'friend' group!  All is well there too but I just hate changing all these numbers and passwords all the time.

And to end this strange day...my little chirpy chorus is gone.  All the babies have perished (with open mouths) and the momma has not returned.  I've heard of birds abandoning their nests before but I'm more convinced that something happened to the momma.  The hubs thinks it's because we were hanging out doing yard work yesterday and maybe scared her off.  I hope not...so sad that nature.


  1. Good grief! You've had a lot going on. So sorry about the new "fixture" and the stolen card. $8 coffee? That's a real cuppa caffeine!

    Love the photo on your header.

  2. The price we pay for technological advances.

    I would think something happened to the parent birds. I believe it highly unlikely both would leave babies behind. They knew you were there when nest building commenced.

    Nice to be in a friend group. Now, if you could only remember their names. ;)

  3. I hate that those mean sneaky things happened to you. I absolutely hate thieves. I try not to hate...but some people are so "entitled" in their mind eye. I hope you can find justice. Poor birdies, I think this happens lots. We have had baby barn swallows die from the heat as their nest was under a metal roof....the heat was too much. blessings for a great weekend, xoxo,Susie

    1. I hate it too but I'm starting to calm down a little.

  4. If those thugs would put what intelligence they have to having a good job, they'd be of benefit to someone. Having to change your numbers, etc. I got good and hacked and even lost my blog four years ago. Had to shut down my credit cards, phones, and had to start a new blog.

    I was trimming the bushes one day and uncovered a cardinal's nest and babies. I put an umbrella over their nest because the sun was scorching hot, and went hysterical, watching the horror unfold outside my bedroom window.

    It's no wonder I see bad things around every corner.

    1. I keep thinking of your last post and how much we are alike. I see it around every corner, in every mirror, every time I close my eyes and it makes me a little difficult to be around sometimes!

  5. WOW Joanne! That was quite a day! One you don't want repeated.
    Good that your credit card company had things under control.
    By the time you may have the surgery, you will be so used to that splint. But initially it will be tough I am sure.
    Poor little birds! We are so helpless when this kind of thing happens. Here, the crows usually 'look after' any baby bird......beyond our control; but tough to watch.
    Here's to a good weekend Joanne.

  6. Sad but true about the bird parent. Sometimes they just don't come back and the babies parish. I think that the mother would if she could... something must have happen to her.
    And.....Technology is going to be our undoing."MARK MY WORDS", said the silly old woman (me), but I believe this to be true.
    What a day you have had. Look ahead my dear and pray for better things to come. What else can we do?

  7. Oh- that is sad about the babies. I am pretty sure you didn't scare her off-Momma birds don't scare easy. I bet something got her somehow. Poor babies.
    I am so sorry you have to have that danged cast on for so long. How irritating is that(literally and figuratively).....
    Sorry you got hacked. We were part of the hacking of Target last year-what a mess with Christmas presents being ordered and the credit card shutting the number down. OMG!
    Hope you have a wonderful night and I have to get to bed before I fall asleep typing. xo Diana

  8. You write so calmly ( seemingly ) about being hacked. My heart would be pittering and pattering so fast. I am glad to read things were taken care of even if you have to make all the changes to passwords. But how did they even get your card, etc. ? That is the real mystery and need to know.

    After observing and studying birds for decades ( still no expert ) I doubt you or your husband had anything to do with the death of the birds. mama must have met with a deathly demise. What a sad loss though.

    How is your semi-permanent cast working for you ? ( besides being completely inconvenient )

    1. I'm calming down. It helped to know I was not liable to anything, all my cards and credit info has been flagged and I know what company I initially used the card at so maybe it won't happen again.

  9. Aww..poor birdies...We have a nest of robins and so far so good. Hopefully all will go well for them. Sorry you got hacked...I'd be furious and nervous! I hope the splint works out and no surgery for you. Here's hoping this new month brings only smiles your way!


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