"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tuesday mish-mash...

...I have been struggling with blogger all evening and can't seem to post my most informative, most humourous, most delightful post without getting a script error, a plug-in error or just a plain error stating I don't have a blog.  ack.   I've been reduced to watching reruns of "Maude," and "All in the Family," which in truth I don't mind but it's now 12:30 and I'd like to go watch "The Golden Girls."  Yes, I am 100 years old.  Throw in "Andy Griffith," and "Bob Newhart" and I'm done.

I made it outside momentarily today for a doctor appointment and saw something different in the sky.  It was brightish and had a feeling of warmth on my face.  It took some convincing by the hubs to get me to believe it was the sun and not a hot flash.   I wonder what was in that shot they gave me for pain.

random photo taken along the Columbia River last Fall.  Seems I have lots of random photos.  Do you ever take the time to sort through those things?  I should have started out more organized...story of my life.

Baseball season is officially open so I won't see so much of hubby until next October!  Really, he's not that bad, he likes to include me in all his baseball knowledge he just doesn't realize that I don't know what he is talking about!  Good thing he has children who understand him and a grandgirl who always wears a ball cap backwards.

Come back soon and we'll talk about the blue hour, my king cake and have a look at my dining room.

Welcome April~~~be sure to watch your back today.  Watch not wash...that's a person thing.


  1. It is true...it was the sun. Many got to see it. It does exist.
    My husband doesn't follow sports so that is good but my sons are hockey fans and it is painful to pretend to listen to their take on the games and players. My eyes glaze over for sure. They are grown men but still expect mom to be enthralled by everything they say.
    Good luck sorting the photos. Be careful of what you delete or you could lose them off of your blog as well.

  2. Joanne, My g.daughter Emma will watch Golden Girls with me and Frasier. The old shows are better...don't have to hear about body parts so much. Well not in plain words. LOL We have had sunshine for three days now and it's heaven. Hope you are better. xoxo,Susie
    p.s. I like the sweet cracking sound of the bat when it hits the ball, myself.

  3. Stopping by to let you know I still visit, just don't often comment! I watch all of those old shows...they are the good ones amid a pile of trash. It's a sunny April 1. Is it a clever joke or are we going to have some spring here in the Northwest? Tomorrow will tell...

  4. Funny, funny, funny, Jojo. Do you mean to say that some folks are born organized? That's sucks... because I'm not and that's just not fair.
    Believing, ...it was the sun and not a hot flash..." too funny, girl... and "Yes, I'm 100 years old." Well, my dear, you don't look a day over 90. You're aging well. LOL!

  5. I have been basking in the glorious sun all morning! I have laundry on the line. This makes me so happy. Organize, that's for winter!

  6. 80° here. I had to take a break from gardening. Me and Higgins jumped in the truck for a ride and AC. ;)

  7. LOL- Watching my back here today for sure. My grandson here is quite literal and when I tried to play an April Fool's Day joke on him he said. Nana- THAT is a liel. lol
    Hope you had a good night- sounds like a pretty good day. What did the doctor say? xo Diana

  8. Oh how I love this post ! Your writing is how I seem to talk, one random thought reminds me of another and too often I make the mistake of verbally sharing my randomness with others. One of these days I am sure people I know will call it old age dementia, but I've always thought & shared like that so hopefully those that love me & put up with such discussions will step in and save me from involuntary confinement .

    As for Blogger, I've been having trouble too . Blogger deleted a lot of my sidebar and keeps telling me blogs I am trying to read don't exist, but they do, they DO ! Getting a lot of "error" messages and just plain frustration. that's when I give up and read a book or go to bed.

    Happy April, I hear rumors the sun will be showing tomorrow.

  9. That must have been an April Fools joke, Joanne, seeing the sun in April in the Pacific Northwest!! LOLOLOL
    And another sure sign is the baseball season! We love baseball here in this house and wish we lived in a city that had a home team. Not that we follow every single game but we do enjoy and support the Red Sox. That's right the Red Sox. We in the Maritimes have a very strong bond with Boston.

    You are tease aren't you! Your blue hour, king cake and a look at the dining room? Waiting.......

  10. We are finally having somewhat of a warm up here! it is about 50 degrees and the sun is out! It is about time that is all I can say!!!!



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