"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tuesday mish-mash or mash-up or mish-gah...

...it's Tuesday already and I haven't the slightest idea what I've been doing the last week, with the exception of yesterday and the gbabygirl.

I've noticed something odd; lately when I do a random post I get more page views and comments than when I spend the time to write a thoughtful, informative, cheery, soul-searching, photo telling post.  What does this say about me or what does it say about you?   So here we go off the top of my head:

during my latest recovery from something, it's always something, I have found several old tele shows that I enjoy and have my own little viewing schedule.  Today they (the powers that be) changed the line-up and about the only thing I can find is 'Gilligans Island,'  several times a day on different channels at the same time.  help me.  If not for TCM and NPR I might I have to read, or tackle some of these 'to do' projects that are piling up.

Today was a perfect day.  The sun was shining, about 75degrees, clear skies, the sound of distant lawn-mowers.  Dare I say that Spring has arrived??  I have a touch of spring fever and am craving the sun against my skin and playing in my secret garden.  I have ordered some seeds for the grand-girl and I to plant next time she is here.  It's something that I really want to make a memory about but...well, all things considered it's more likely that papa will be helping her and I will be looking on (directing)  *sigh*  sometimes being a patient patient makes for a sad g'ma.

Oh aren't you glad you stopped by now?  So tell me please, how do stay up when the world keeps trying to knock you down and the people who should be there are tired of it all and you aren't looking for drama or pity, just a little compassion and concern?  What keeps you going?

This post has taken an unintended turn but that's what happens when i don't have my censor on.  If you are still reading...thanks.  If you leave a comment...double thanks.    It means more than you'll ever know.   And for M and H who may be reading this in the future...it's OK, it happens sometimes.


  1. I always think of Tony Bennett and sing -

    Gray skies are gonna clear up,
    Put on a happy face;
    Brush off the clouds and cheer up,
    Put on a happy face.

    Okay, not really. I usually just keep trudging through the motions. That old hum drum, boring, routine. Then, one day, it all turns sunny again. Maybe partly cloudy but, I can manage the funk.

  2. Hellloooooooo----The NAME of your blog is RANDOM insanities---so that is what we expect----lol RANDOM thoughts.
    It is hard when you have been sick for a long time because people just kind of forget that you aren't well-that you haven't ALWAYS been the way you are now. Most people are not good at long-term caretaking, are they?
    You just keep pushing along and learn that we are our own best friend in this life. God bless ya- Diana

  3. Hi Joanne. These are my favourite posts to read.....they come from the heart and mind. I have learned that we can't 'stay up' all the time. We must accept as best we can those 'down' moments too for what they.....down moments in life, that's all.
    It is difficult for some to stay focused on caring for another. Some are better at it. And you know what? I have learned that it is an inherent skill that one is born with .....or one that is learned through example and modeling.. I had a wake-up call after my injury a few years ago when most of my family had no clue as to what to say or do or treat me. They kept their distance. It was a shocker to me. Thank god Ron knew exactly what to do. You see, he learned from his mother and grandmother. I didn't. And I have no idea where I learned to be compassionate....it was a part of my makeup, I guess.
    Geez, you think you are bad!! lol Listen to me going on! You are not alone my friend. Now go 'hit' one of those projects.

  4. I love random blogs so much when someone just speaks their mind. I wish more people did it this way. Good job! Lynn

  5. Hi, Joanne! Just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know I'm thinking about you! -S in NC

  6. I read alllllllll your posts! How cool to have some seeds for you and M to have planted. No, it isn't easy being a patient patient. Recovery can be hard when you have to be patient. I am jealous of the 75 degrees temperature though. It is only about 60 here although that is a huge improvement from what we originally had.

    I too have noticed that I have more people reading my blog when I talk more about my pain then when I don't. Kind of weird but okay.


  7. I survive the hard times by telling myself it could always be worse. And making bad jokes.

  8. Having trouble getting on and hanging onto that Blog Train. I don't feel I have much to offer lately. But just as the Phoenix rose up out of the ashes, DachshundStrong will rise again this month, my birthday month. Jo Jo, thanks for being my sistah friend. Hope to catch up soon. Love you.


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