"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Monday snap...

...yesterday we celebrated the wonderful, sweet, beautiful Miss M's third birthday.  I'm not quite sure how that could possibly be, I mean, weren't we just in the hospital waiting room waiting, waiting, waiting for her to arrive?  And now?  Three.   Lord, I must have blinked for now I have a son who is a parent of a three-year-old daughter.    As per Miss M's usual behaviour she would not allow pictures to be taken so we had to sneak around to another room and peek around corners to try and get them.

Here she is with her very first baby doll (from her g'ma/g'pa).  A soft little baby that eats and sleeps and will be loved dearly.  The very first thing M did was strip off the dolly clothes to check and see if she needed her diaper changed! 

(Ness) We had chocolate cake with bright princess pink frosting that M and mommy made and that M gobbled up.  (long story for another day).   Lots of gifts and balloons and all her cousins who with the exception of one, our little H, are all girls.  So many girls = much silliness and giggling.  As for the H boy he grabbed on to a balloon and apparently thought it was holding him up for he started toddling all over the house on his own.  Without the balloon he would stop and tentatively take a step, then the string of safety would float his way and he was up and all over the place dodging little girls and big people and toys.  So exciting to be witness to his first steps.  I thought I was 'in love' with my children but being g'ma to their children is a love I never expected to experience.  Gifts of the heart.

Happy Monday y'all.  Hope the weather is warming up for you, we finally got some snow (yay).  I am having some 'minor' surgery tomorrow so please keep a good thought for me as there seems to be no such thing as 'minor.'  


  1. What a wonderful day, Joanne. You are so right- we love our own children but there is an even deeper thing that goes on with a child of our child, isn't there? It is an ache in the heart to hold them sometimes. Love that she stripped her baby. How wonderful that you got to see your grandsons first steps. xo Diana

  2. Nothing grander than to be with the grandchildren. It's a love you could never feel until you become a grandparent. I am so glad that you are close to yours and can see them often. "M" is adorable and I love watching them play with dolls. So sweet.
    Good Luck tomorrow. Let me know how you are and remember friend, ILY!

  3. I love my grands so much! And their birthdays are such joyous occasions.

    Here's hoping that minor stays minor :)

  4. I know what you mean about time flying!
    Been cold and wet all day here. It is pouring out and only 37 at 7 PM.
    God bless you during your surgery tomorrow. ♥

  5. Isn't it amazing, this grandparenting gig? Love it! Prayers right now for an uneventful minor surgery!

  6. happy birthday M!!!!! How sweet for H!!!! His first steps!!!! What a lovely timing he has to show Grandma his new walking skills!!!


  7. It is amazing how time flies. I'm not a grandparent yet, but I can only imagine the fun of revisiting those years without all the work and fatigue of them. I do enjoy spoiling my daughter's dog and I guess I'll have to settle with that for now.


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