"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

it only seems like the never ending story...

...sorry if this is getting long and even more boring than usual but I am trying to get things down as I remember them for future's sake.  Thanks for hanging in there.

As we made our way to the interstate we were completely shocked at what we saw.  Heading towards Rapid City with only one lane plowed in each direction, cars, trucks, ambulances, aid-cars, police cars all littered the highway and the median.  All of them abandoned some of them upside down.  It was eerily quiet as there was no traffic and I began to wonder if anyone was still stranded in these vehicles.  As we made it into town it appeared that no one was home, literally.  There was no power here either, no street lights, no open stores, no way to pump petrol, which we needed desperately.  We wove our way around the littered cars and detour signs and ended up on a country road leading towards Nebraska.  Just a little off route but we found a gas station/truck stop and filled up on petrol and coffee.  Nothing like truck stop coffee to get your motor running.

We followed these country roads for a few hours remarking on the beauty of the snow against the old barns and dusty silos.  There were hundreds of cattle roaming aimlessly down the roads and in the ditches crying loudly, looking for their home.  At first it was 'cute' watching the mama's and the babies coming up to the car and trotting down the way.  But then life turned ugly and we began seeing just how cruel nature can be, especially during a blizzard.  There were many, many dead cows/calves along the road, stuck in the fences during the confusion of the blowing winds, freezing rain, and finally snow.  It was just too much for me.  I'm a city girl, born and bred.  To me meat comes from the meat store and was never anything other than that in it's former incarnation.  I can't describe how upsetting it was to see the baby calves caught in the fences.

Finally we came to another interstate and found ourselves in Nebraska, being pulled over by the wonderful highway patrol.  We were obviously lost, and apparently speeding, so this kind gentleman pointed us in the right direction and then because he was so generous, gave us a $79.00 ticket.  Ouch!  We made our way into Lusk, a small town to say the least, and found a market that was open, also another truck stop and some super coffee.  Still no espresso, well almost.  We did see an espresso stop and we did stop, the hubs went in and ordered then proceeded to show the barista just how to make a vanilla latte and a mocha.  Don't you people in the Midwest drink espresso coffee??

 The next three days were spent leisurely driving home, stopping here and there, finding a Starbucks or two (had to go to Montana to find one!)  We left the house looking for an adventure and I don't think we could have ever imagined what we would find.  I am ready to jump right back in that car and hit the open road again, minus the blizzard.  Good times, strange times, cold times but shared times that we'll remember always.


  1. Joanne! WHAT an adventure you had! Unbelievable, really! It would have broke my heart to see those poor baby calves caught in those fences. That is part of the story that we never really hear on the news...the part that tears the rancher's hearts out. I am glad you got through safe and sound. AND I am glad you followed the Starbucks path. You are my kinda gal....a little warped, funny and love your coffee.. We are probably related somehow! xo Diana

  2. I'd say you both had an adventure alright!! This was like reading a suspense novel where you can't really believe this is happening.
    I can imagine the damage and loss of cattle was high in this freak storm Joanne.
    When's your next trip? Just asking.

  3. I can't wait to hear about your next adventure! Maybe someday we can adventure together!

  4. I don't think I would be ready to jump right back into the car again. You had an amazing adventure. The hardest part would be seeing the dead animals. That's so sad.
    You need to rest for a while... and drink some good coffee.

  5. The news showed some of the awful photos of the cattle that died during this awful storm. It was so sad Joanne. I can hardly believe how bad it it was.
    sending love your way...

  6. You were right here in my neck of the woods! Had I been blogging and paying attention, I could have met you in person!!!

  7. This is almost an "end of the world" kind of story. The cattle deaths are so distressing...

    Coffee, the elixir of life ! We discovered on our travels anywhere east of the west coast, coffee is a whole different cuppa. We actually traveled with our own tiny coffeemaker & ground coffee. We're kind of coffee snobs. We can put up with a lot of substandard rooms, service, etc., but we need good coffee ! Looks like you do too.


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