"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

slipping through the stop signs...

...just in case some of you have never been on a wild goose chase car ride across 2/3 of the country I thought I would give you the birds eye view, out my passenger side window.

here's lovely Oregon, our wet sister tot he south.

this would be Idaho with a light dusting in the hills.  We went up the hills to meet fellow blogger June @ Laughing with Angels.  I'll show you her gorgeous picture soon.

then Montana, where we went on a 100 mile detour, on purpose.  Beautiful but the scenery doesn't change much.
Wyoming, where not only do you get lots of bugs killing themselves against your windshield but pretty much this is all there is to see.  I am sure that Spring must be lovely with wildflowers dotting the landscape but this is all we got.

And finally South Dakota, where the colour of the scenery didn't change much but the weather sure did.

And still I search for the elusive cup of coffee.  Don't they drink espresso in the mid-west...maybe I need to open a little coffee shoppe.


  1. I've been to all those places...except Montana..and they were beautiful. However it was in Summer with no snow or rain. I'm excited to hear the rest of your adventure!

  2. NO-THEY don't drink coffee in those places! lol I've looked! I have been to all those places, too. Nothing worse than crummy weather to travel in. It really doesn't allow you to enjoy the state. xo Diana

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  4. What? No group of cowboys sitting around the campfire boiling a thick cup of mud for you? Blasphemy!

  5. Should have brought along your knitting!! Just sayin'!
    We were in some of these places many years ago in the summertime. I guess this time of year is not the best time for scenery in these parts, Joanne. And the best time to find a good cup of coffee!!

  6. Hi Joanne! I still can't believe we actually got to meet...finally! I'm laughing about what you said in the post before this. YEP...the coupon not scanning was definitely an omen :)))))) I think you both should get right back in the car and have a do-over. But this time...just come to Idaho and see me :)
    sending love...

  7. Beautiful scenery!
    When we were back in the US on leave around 1992, if I remember correctly, we flew into Travis AFB. From there we rented a Grand Caravan that had about 20 miles on it. We had the three boys and luggage with us. We drove to Michigan to visit my mother, to North Carolina to visit brother-in-laws, then to Texas to visit a niece(-in-law?), and back to California to fly back to Okinawa. 30 days of leave. We put a TON of miles on that Caravan, and when we finally moved to North Carolina, we bought one for us.

    Thanks for the memories!


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