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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Teatro ZinZanni...

...otherwise described as  "part circus, part dinner theatre with a little magic mixed in."  (according to their website here).  It's like Cirque de Soleil and Moulin Rouge all together with a multi-course feast thrown in...literally!   My hubby says that if he were to open up my head, as if it was hinged, and looked inside THIS is what he would see.  Absolute mayhem and a ton of fun.

There was music, dancing, comedy, vaudeville and cirque.  And it was pretty darn sexy too. 

We talked about going for years and finally got tickets for last Sunday in order to kick off this spectacular year.  The 60/40, more on  that later.   We will probably still be talking about it for years to come.  IT WAS A BLAST...and I wasn't even drinking!

The setting is in a circular tent and we were seated on the floor area which is closest to the stage and at times part of the stage.  The stage revolves and also ascends and descends as needed for each performer, who by the way were dressed like cabaret singers.  Unfortunately no photos allowed.

While the show was taking place we were treated to a lovely dinner of appetizer of baked ricotta-brie tart with fresh berries, yum.  followed by Hearts of Palm salad, hmmm.  Then Beef Wellington with saucy potato bake, yum x2.  Then a beautiful desert of Pistachio cheesecake of which I had to pass up due to my new dairy allergy and the fact that the only nut on Earth that I can't eat is a Pistachio!  All the time there is music and mayhem on stage and although it was quite loud it was not annoying as our show was set in the '50's and that is an era that I enjoy.

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We went to the Matinee so it was easier to accommodate my wheelchair and not crowded at all.  Read about it if you get a chance.  It really was much more than I can describe here, but so far...60 is rockin'!!


  1. Oh-WHAT FUN, Joanne. I have never heard of this show...and probably won't in this "big" city in Wisconsin. I will look for it if we travel though. If you say it's good-I believe it. Glad you are rocking 60! I told you so!!!!;>) xo Diana

    1. I will take you if you are ever out this way!

  2. Once you mentioned Moulin Rouge, Joanne. I was there!! My all time fav movie!
    This sounded like a fun and delectable time you two had! See! 60 ain't so bad is it?
    I love chaos and mayhem especially when it is done well!! lol

    1. we had never been to a dinner show before and this was so much fun that I would love to check out some other venues in the city. Mayhem indeed.

  3. That is great news! So glad you had a wonderful time. Did I miss saying happy birthday?
    If so, a belated Happy Birthday to you, Joanne. ♥

    Are you able to take any of the over-the-counter medications that let dairy intolerant people consume dairy products?
    Of course 2 strikes (the pistachios) was a definite out.

    Glad you have such wonderful memories. :-)

    1. thanks Linda. I started taking something for the dairy problem but am a little leary about going there again.

  4. So glad that you had fun, Jojo, and hope you continue too!!! Oh how I love cheesecake, I would have a hard time, passing that up!!! ILY!
    God Bless~

    1. I'd give you my cheese cake anytime lovey.


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