"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

are you a lister...

large sunflower made from pinwheels
at our town park

...I admit, I love lists.  Love to make to-do lists although I rarely check anything off.  Love to make grocery lists, especially enjoy listing things in order of the layout of the store.  Does anyone else do that?  That is the only list that ever gets items checked off it and then right back on to a new list for the next week...ah groceries.  I have outdoor lists, gardening lists, monthly-weekly-daily household chore lists, doctor appointments lists and of course the honey-do list.  I love to buy stacks and stacks of pretty pads of paper to write all these lists on with the thought that I will get them done if they are in a pretty little note pad.  But of all the lists I do have I don't have a list for fun.  A list for fun. you know, a list for writing down fun things to do instead of chore lists.  I love this idea, but I am not the brainiac behind it.  Recently while perusing Betsy's blog she had a list of some fun summer things to do accomplish enjoy.  I'm going to jump on the bandwagon and make a list, for fun, just for fun, and few little surprises too.  It needs to be a doable list and in my current condition that may be interesting and limiting.

So, since Spring isn't here yet and Summer will be official in a few days there is no time like the present to get started.  Are you ready?  Are you a list person?  What one summer thing would you put on your list?

1.   indulge in a real, made to order, malted milkshake.  Chocolate please.
2.  take my grandgirl to the park to see the giant sunflower sculpture.
3.  plant tomatoes, strawberries, and blueberries in pots on the deck.
4.  paint a quirky outdoor chair for my secret garden.
5.  spend a day taking random pictures of the sculptures around town.
6.  get a manicure.
7.   drive my new car.
8.  eat a peach.
9.  check out some of our fantastic state parks with our state park discovery pass.

last but not least;
10.  have a summer giveaway!


  1. Joanne- Oh- No- You too? I AM a list maker. I make all kinds of lists...but I have a To Do list that I write and then re-write. I do cross things off as I do them though. I have a list going right now for things to take on vacation when I take the little girls with me in a couple of days.

    Now HERRE'S where I get CRAZY. When I do something that is NOT on my list of TO DO...I write it ON the list and then cross it off...LOL..Now THAT is crazy!!!! and a little OCD maybe? Love ya- have fun working on your fun list- xo Diana

  2. I'm a big list maker too. Now, do I stick to them?? Sadly no Lol

  3. I make a grocery list and a list if I'm getting ready for vacation or a party..after that I'm a bad list maker....Hubby always has a list that he carries in his pocket each day and throws the old line through the task...that's why he gets more done than me! I have my summer "want to do" list and enjoying my Grandkids more often is on it...plus putting up a pool for everyone to play in..I have the pool, but haven't got the area ready for it yet. Anyway, enjoy that chocolate malted for me!

  4. I make a grocery list and a list when I'm going somewhere overnight as to what to take and when I get ready to come home, make sure that I go home with everything I packed! I used to make lists in my head but they got lost up there in all the fibro fog. Want to do? I want to fast forward to August 2014 and get my son back from deployment, but I can't do that so I guess I will think on a good time this Fall to take a West Coast trip....rest up, JoJo....your car won't be the same after we get done with it. Love you.

  5. Some things I like to put on lists, others not so much. I refuse to grocery shop without one; and a plan for the week's meals. And I make lists for big projects. But I haveta say, my hubby's lists drive me bonkers. He has snippets of paper everywhere with stuff he wants to do. I swear, he needs a list to remind him to find his list!

  6. My life is set in stone to routine, by my own design. However, I do keep a grocery list. Other than that, it's all the same old grind, day after day.

  7. I'm a list maker but not to the extent I used to be. Have been thinking this week I need to do more things for me that make me happy. A massage maybe on the top of the list.

    Treat myself better :)

    I hope you accomplish everything on your list, hon!

    A peach/vanilla shake sounds good to me ♥

  8. I'm only a sometimes list maker - always a grocery list - usually a gardening list - always a book list and a movie list and a....okay - maybe I am a list maker - lol. I love your fun summer list. May have to jump on that bandwagon!

  9. YES! I am a lister too! I had to be a work...it was so busy then that there was no way for me to remember it all! And I was a lot younger then. I think I started 'listing' when I started teaching....back in the 70's!!
    I know, men aren't known to be the best multi-taskers and this guy never was!! lol
    OK, what would I put on my list for summer fun? To go swimming at the beach! Our water is never warm here but I miss that exhilarating feeling of jumping into cold water!!! And how good it feels after coming out of it into the sun.
    OK Joanne, we want to see this checklist as you check off each and every item!! Have fun!That quirky 'planted' chair sound interesting....you always have these arty ideas. Gives me an idea.....thanks.

  10. Yes! I am a lister!!!!! I write lists for everything!!!! I also don't cross a whole lot either but I love lists. i also, like you, I love pretty paper. I am not sure what I am doing this summer but I plan to do something fun with Maisy and the kids as well as Heather B-T and Bill too.


  11. I confess ENORMOUS lister here :D

  12. I'm not a list maker. Too attention deficit and wabi sabi. But yours is a really nice one.


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