"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Thursday, May 9, 2013

penance...not to be confused with 'Penzance.'

...the sacrament of penance, as all good Catholic school boys and girls know, is the confession of one's sins, most often to a priest, and the punishment thereof for those sins.  Have I lost you yet?  Growing up in a time when Catholic families adhered to church policy like communion to the roof of your mouth, I am well familiar with confession and penitence.

Confession was always something our family did once a month on a Saturday evening to make ourselves right with God so we could receive communion on Sunday.  I am sure that each family had it's own time table for this but our family routine was once a month.   I have always taken issue with the whole concept of confession, feeling it to be contradictory to church teachings but any argument was just put down as another thing I needed to confess.  I'm sure if I went into a church today not only would I be struck by lightning but I would probably also recite the same exact list of sins as I did growing up.  How much sinning could one child do anyway?  Talking back, lying, smacking my sister upside the head, you know...the usual.  I'm pretty sure my penitence was also always the same...2 our fathers and 10 hail Mary.

Well, I have a confession to make.  I've been holding out on you all and it is tearing me up.  I just can't take the guilt anymore so I am going to fess up and take my punishment like a man.  It all started a few nights ago, it was very late and I was wide awake and bored.  After flipping through the t.v. channels for the 74th time I narrowed down my viewing options to a old movie,  from the '70s old, not good old, and a reality show.  Now that alone should send me a few hail Mary but it's what I did next that may just put the lock on my coffin.

I began watching....oh, I can't say it yet.  I'd heard about this program and didn't understand the  premise, as with all reality shows, then I even googled it.  I was even more confused and remember thinking 'there's no reason I ever need to watch this.'  I am so sorry my friends.  I confess.  I watched it.  Mind numbingly watched it.  Looking for an ice pick to poke my minds eye out with watching it.  Have mercy on my soul....I watched two-in-a-row episodes of "Duck Dynasty."  Please forgive me.


  1. Ha ha ! We love Duck Dynasty, what will our punishment be ? Coming from a family of hunters I can assure you though , we do not hunt squirrels or eat squirrel brains. ( I actually spend way too much to feed the local squirrels)

  2. I grew up Lutheran. A spin-off from full Catholicism. We did all the kneeling and word repetitions but, no confessing. Going to church was good-asnuff, I reckon.

    As for Duck Dynasty...I refuse to watch it. I see this same thing every single day out in the streets around here. Them boys give us Southerners a bad rep.

  3. I guess I'm lucky that I don't get any cable TV-too many choices and not all of them sound good.
    Happy weekend

  4. I have friends who love that show. I must confess that I have watched some episodes of Honey Boo and Dance Moms! And I love Project Runway.


  5. You "quack" me up! As a former Catholic I must confess...I've never watched it but I'm all about paranormal stuff that makes my husband just shake his head!


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