"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Friday night flurries...

...things certainly are not going quite the way that I had planned!  Blogger is still giving me issues with my photo uploads so I will have to temporarily put the giveaway on hold.   And it looks as if 2013 is going to fly by as quickly, if not more so, than 2012.  Already midway through January.

We have been on baby watch over here.  Our daughter is overdue with her first child, a boy, and we are getting very anxious to meet our newest grandchild.  It looks as though he is going to be weighing in over 8lbs so I hope they don't let her go much longer.  Her doctor told her to try all of the old wives tales to see if see could get him moving towards the exit. 

We have snow flurries predicted for the next few days and you know how my fellow Seattleites are paralyzed with fear at the very mention of snow.  The hospital is over an hour away from us so it could be an interesting trip.  If we can even go there.  The flu outbreak in addition to the whooping cough epidemic in our area is causing local hospitals to tell prospective grandparents to wait until the baby goes home to visit.  We had all our shots, sounds strange, a few months ago in anticipation so we'll see.  I would just hate to miss my baby bringing her baby into the world.

When I was first diagnosed with diabetes, as a teen, I was given a syringe, some insulin, and a diet sheet, with instructions to follow it closely and maybe, MAYBE I would live another fifteen years.  Thirty.  Fifteen years would have meant that my life would end at thirty, and in a very unpleasant way.  It was a horrible thing to tell a child, and believe me it felt pretty hopeless.  I did alot of rebelling after a few years since it didn't seem to matter.  When someone takes that hope away it's hard to find your place in the world, or your happiness.  After a few years  I settled down and decided that was all crap.  I was in college by then and had met someone who turned out to be worth living for.  We got married and despite all the objections and rejections, the bad news, the ugly statistics, we decided to have a child.  I would spend hours in the library looking through research books and finding out all I could about diabetes and pregnancy.  None of the information was helpful, nor was it encouraging either.  Several doctors refused to take me as a patient knowing the risks we too high.  As it turns out I have quite a stubborn streak (!) and despite the warnings I went ahead and gave birth to my first son.  What later happened to him is another story for another day but there he was, a big 10lb boy.  Two years later another 10+ boy and finally a 10+ bouncing baby girl.  All perfectly healthy and beautiful.  I was fortunate enough, blessed, to have found a doctor who said 'of course you can have children.  It won't be easy but it is possible and if you are careful you may even see the day that they have children of their own."   I owe so very much to my sweet Dr. Topiwala, who gave me hope and two of three of my children.

So here I sit today, with Miss Maudey, the child of my second son, who is about to turn 2.  And this week I will meet the son of my daughter.  Full Circle.  Lord, it's a beautiful thing.

Have a nice weekend friends, be kind for you never know what others are going through and your smile just might be the thing that makes or breaks their day. 


  1. Hoping you DO get to attend that joyous birth when he finally makes his appearance! Our 7 month old grand-daughter just learned to crawl! Love milestones. Love grand-children.

    Not so friendly to doctors who can't or won't see possibilities. Been there, done that and aren't you glad you too chose to take a chance!

  2. I just knew you were a woman of strength that wouldn't take "you can't" as a truth. You have been blessed.

    The newest will add new joy to your family no matter who is there, although I know if it was me I'd be wrapping myself in bubble wrap just to make it into delivery.

    Safe travels as your weather turns. My homepage says it's 21 degrees here and I can see ice covered everything. Lovely to look at but so dangerous to drive in.

    I look forward to any and all news and photos (damn blogger.)Big hugs to you and family.

  3. What a wonderful hope filled story-I'll add your whole family and especially your daughter and baby to my prayer list.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Have fun, good luck and God Bless! ♥

  5. I've worked in medicine since I was 18. If people believed and gave up every time a diagnosis and outcome were given, there would only be a few people left in this world! I know they have to give the worst case scenario but the faith and strength and ability of patients to prove them wrong is amazing! I so glad you found a wonderful doctor and you had your beautiful children. Life hands us so many challenges but under it all are the simple blessings in life that make it all worth it. I hope your new Grandson comes soon and I'll say a prayer for everyone.

  6. How exciting!!! Another grandchild for you!!! I have a friend (and a former student) who's parents were told that she would never be able to run, or be too active as she was born with a hole in her heart. She had the hole taken care of and her parents let her do what she could without ever telling her no. Katie runs marathons and has lived much longer than what her doctors told her parents. You are so strong and just as determined as Katie!!! I can't wait until blogger will let you post pictures. Oh, well, you could also email them to me so I can see the new baby!!!!!!


  7. I hope your new little fella arrived this weekend' or at the latest Monday! If your yard is like ours, the frost is thick, and looks as if it's snowed, but so far, no snow. I remember this time last year, we had so much snow on our little Angelo's birthday (18th.) I was out of work for a week. But the year before, on the day of his birth, no snow! So I'll be praying we don't get snow while you're on baby watch, and that all goes well with his birth! Blessings to you, and your family! Big hugs, Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  8. I just love you! I am so glad that you were able to have a family and that they are having families of their own. It's really the best, isn't it??? Yes, full circle indeed my sweet friend!
    I'm so, so glad you have beat the odds.
    sending love...


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