"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Sunday, October 7, 2012

life is a beautiful mess...

...I overheard someone in the checkout line say that "life is a beautiful mess" and I wanted to remember it and use it in a post...how true.

I never thought I would become a once-a-week blogger with nothing more to say than just a few random thoughts.  I guess 78 days without rain will do that to a person who is used to 78 days with rain.  I must admit that although it is lovely, and warm, and sunny, it is getting on my nerves.  Not that I'm a rain lovin' Seattleite but a few showers here and there are just plain necessary.  We are enjoying the most beautiful of sunsets yet it has come with a price...the air quality.  There are so many wildfires burning in the surrounding areas that the air is thick and difficult to breathe in if you have allergies or asthma.  The trees are so dry that the leaves have died on the branches and are an ugly brownish colour, so unlike our beautiful Autumns of the past.  It just doesn't feel like high school/college football season, watching our favourite teams while the fan blows cool air throughout.  Then come morning I can hear the sounds of the furnace clicking on.

Much has changed about blogging since way back when I stared this blog.  It was like being part of a club, a wonderful club of extended friendships.  It took awhile to get going but once the 'trio' (Hallie, Kim-d, and Ness) started commenting things have never been the same and I have never looked back, until now.  Halls, Kim, Ness, Deb x5, Jo, Josette, Laura, another Deb or two, Kelly, Karen, and so many others have all gone by the wayside.  On to bigger and better things I suppose.  We all start our blogs for different reasons and some of us find what we need and move one but I do miss them.  I have several bloggers who have taken their place, who blog often, are entertaining and supportive and have no agenda, and I love them and have made some great friends that will survive blogland one way or another.  If I really think about it I am most upset with the blogs I have faithfully followed that have now turned into marketing machines.  Not that I haven't had the occasional give-away but this somehow feels different.  Cold.  Impersonal.   I just hate having to click on another page to read the rest of the post...and commenting *sigh.*  I don't always leave a comment when I visit, sometimes I don't have time and I want to read as many of your posts as possible but most of the time I do.  And most of the time when someone takes a moment to comment on my posts I try to get back to them, usually by e-mail, so that we have a give and take kind of relationship going on.  It doesn't always work that way as most bloggers are no-reply commentors, and I am not quite sure how to handle that one.  Do you reply by e-mail or in your own comment section, or not at all?  Anyway, just thinking on paper and I am sure that things will change, in fact I know it will!

We went in search of some "Fall" colour and foliage yesterday, a nice little hike down to the river, without much luck.  As I mentioned the leaves have not changed to their usual Fall glory and the river was quite low...so much so that we couldn't get closer due to some downed trees from last winter.  We couldn't find pumpkins or pumpkin pie spice or even pumpkin spice lattes when we were out so we drove out towards the mountain.  Came across a roadside stand that had every kind of pumpkin you could imagine, in every shape, colour and size...gourds galore...corn and their stalks, veggies, apples and even a few goats.  We loaded up on "honey-crisp" apples, some corn and a few pumpkins and on the way out the owner asked me if I would like some sunflowers for the seed and to feed the birds that visit.  I have never seen such huge sunflowers!  I have had them drying out on the porch and I think the squirrels have been feasting.  I hung one up on a plant hanger and I think the birds are checking it out but so far I haven't caught any of them paying much attention, maybe when the seeds are drier and easier to get away from the flower.  (the photos in my last post are of ONE of those sunflowers).

I didn't realize I had so much on my mind, I'm not usually one to share it all at once!  I have a little story to tell later this week and I will show you my Great Pumpkin fail.  Have a nice week all of you and remember "life is a beautiful mess!"  Indeed.


  1. I know exactly what you mean about blogs getting more commercial. I don't mind folks getting something for the time and effort they put into their blogs; it does seem that many have become for impersonal. Or maybe that's me feeling like my comment is just one amongst many and never feeling the connection.

    Thank heavens for us ordinary bloggers who delight in the give and take!

    I hate wildfires too--I don't think there's much left here to burn though (knock wood). They're a good reason to wish for a change of season--here's to lots of rain in your future!

  2. Life is a beautiful mess for sure, we have a chance of rain here in SoCal later in the week and I am praying it will come through for us.

    Yes a lot has changed also for me since I began blogging, I like the no theme format and this leaves the option to post most anything on your mind, I am not one to lean to the commercialized blogs.

    I like to respond to each comment I get on the blog, I love it since blogger changed to where there is a reply button for each comment.

    I try my best to get around to everyones blogs, and feel bad when I miss anyone.

  3. Hello diear friend
    I too have not been writing post or visiting like I once did. Not that don't love all my friends on here and appreciate them too it's just that keeping up with my job out here on this big place has gotten to be too much for me to handle.
    Someone mentioned I did not have a reply thing on my site and I know your going to think I am silly but I don't know where to find it or to fix it. I know as long as I have been doing this I should know more about what I am doing.
    A lot of my friends have given up blogging and some are thinking about it. I have to admit I too have been considering it since I feel like can't do it justice anymore.
    My main reason for not quitting is I would miss everyone so much. We do form some wonderful bonds out here.
    You are always in my thoughts but I am a bad friend with visits.
    I just commented to my brother the other day about how dry you guys must be with the drought. We went through that last year so I have some idea of how your feeling right now.
    It is amazing in your area with no rain. Here we can expect it now and then. Not funny in any area. I pray yours ends soon.
    Glad you found some pumpkins. I have not bought any yet but am wanting too. I do love pumpkins.
    Have a wonderful week and know that even if I am bad about coming over your still in my thoughts and prayers.
    Love ya

  4. Life is a beautiful mess, isn't it? Sometimes it seems like life just goes from one crazy thing to another and never settles down.
    The weather will change... and so will the bloggers that come into your life for a while. But, some of us still write about our lives and how we feel about our world, share a recipe or two, and tell about the good and bad. There will always be "us" out there to share yourself with.
    Oh... and I answer comments by email, not in the comment section. I don't have the time or the energy to go back and write a comment to every comment. Some do, but I hardly ever go back and look to see if a blogger has responded to my comment on one of their posts. I'm sure I've missed some because of this.
    I'm lucky to get a post written, clean the house, take care of the farm, do my exercises, read a book, fix dinner and stay in touch with my family everyday. Life is so busy. I love it... but I don't think I can add one more thing. I thought one was suppose to relax when they retire... but it's OK so far.
    Enjoy those sunflower seeds.

  5. Life is a beautiful mess, sometimes, more beautiful than others, but to be alive is a wonderful thing.

    I also miss the old blogging. I hate all the commercial things on blogs now. I usually just pass those by, unless it is a recipe blog. I do get some good recipes on blogs.

    I love to read blogs that tell their life stories. I love the ones with family and home pics.

    I miss you friend. We have got to somehow figure out how to corrospond better with each other. You are so in my daily thoughts and prayers. I love you, and wish we were closer to each other in miles. Please know you have never done anything to hurt me or make me mad. Please know it's me, not you. I am just in a time of my life where I am not sure where I am, or who I am. I do know I am a lonely person.

    It's gotten cool here. I am so not ready for winter. I was stuck indoors this summer as it was so dreadfully hot, and will be stuck again, due to the cold.

    Keep in touch. I visit your blog daily, whether you blog or not.

    God Bless~

  6. PS. I can not figure out that last pic on your blog, for the life of me!!! LOL

  7. Commercializing a blog makes no sense to me. I'm hear for the stories and comradery, not the penny a click greed. (or whatever the going rate is)
    I use the email reply to commentors, too and have recently added the reply feature to my blog's comment section, for those 'no repliers'. (just in case I have something beneficial to add for them) Haven't used it yet, probably won't. ;)

  8. I'm so happy that you've had some beautiful days. Friends and family living in the PNW have said that the weather and the seasons have been a challenge having had no summer for 2 years running. As for the change ung blogging and bloggers yes the changes have been noticeable. On a happy note for some who have gone commercial it has been life changing. One blogger in particular here in Atlanta is divorced and was working a job she could no longer tolerate. She is now a full-time blogger and she does have time to "visit" as she once did. She has 3000 or so followers! Some of us, like myself, goes through cycles with our blogs. There are times when I have more time to read and leave comments. At other I skim other blogs but don't always leave comments.

    I'm a bit sad that summer is over. I worked too much this year and now the season is gone. My fault I guess but I wish I had a few more days of warmth before we snuggle in for cooler weather.

  9. Yes I totally agree about blogging changing and did a post on it - now reverted back to draft. - It makes me sad that so many great blogs and bloggers have lost their appeal to me as their great posts got buried deep in advertising.

    Just yesterday Steve mentioned the haze that doesn't seem to go away. It's like living in southern CA again and yes, I'm hearing about lots of allergies and asthma. It's been a beautiful summer and start of Fall here in Oregon and I'm loving not having the rain hit hard. I was housebound for so much this spring/summer that I'm finally embracing the nice weather.

    Can you believe I just recently learned how to enable my comments to go to my email so that I can reply that way? I know, sometimes I'm short on what's right in front of me :) Anyway, I love your newsy posts. How else would I "know" you and your heart?

    Big squeezy hugs, Marla

  10. JoJo, don't make me hafta come out there to the Great State of Washington and smack you upside the head! I started reblogging 3 weeks ago. I do it once a week now. And, uh, huummm, I don't remember seeing any comments from you on my blog! :-) Sure was good talking to you the other day. I smiled for an hour after we hung up. Kelli's scarf is almost done and then I'm heading to Grayville and then Purpleville and God knows where next. Sorry about your air quality. This is the best Fall we've had in a long time, or at least since my cancer diagnosis 7 years ago. Next month is yearly cancer checkup with a weekful of bloodtest and scans. I always do it before T-Day because if I'm out of remission I have the holidays to look forward to and if I'm in remission, then I can thank God and put it out of my mind for another year. Love ya!

  11. I've been bad at blogging, period! I read my favorite blogs (especially yours) every day, but have been bad about responding. I can't really say that I am too busy, but rather, too lazy. I read it on my phone, and I can "text" responses, but it takes me too long, and should get up and get my computer, but don't. Do we get into a rut? Or is it really laziness??

    We had our first snow of the season when I was gone for the game over the week-end, and I am not ready for cold weather, as I didn't get enough of fall yet. We DID need the moisture and was basically all we have gotten for the summer except for the half-inch we got several weeks ago. Our trees didn't get a chance to go through all of their glory here. Fall is my favorite time of the year!

    I think I would blog more often if I liked the way it looked. I have tried numerous times to "pretty it up", but need help. I want it to look better and I don't know how to do it! Pretty bad for a techno "geek" like me! ha ha!

    I do want you to know that I love to read your blog, and check every day to see if you have posted. Please continue! You and I are a LOT alike, and I always come away from reading your blog feeling fulfilled and wishing to be like you!

    I wish you a great day and enjoy seeing the birds and squirrels appreciating the sunflower seeds! What fun!

  12. When I started blogging I didn't even realize that people would actually be interested in my silly life. I really started it for family and for my own journal keeping. I have been surprised at the wonderful people I've met through blogging and sometimes it does take up too much time. But I will continue my blog for the same reasons I started it and I hope I will continue to find blogs like yours. I try to not get involved in too many other blogs because I like to comment and keep up and if I would follow too many it wouldn't happen. So I'm pretty picky about who I follow....don't give up and make me sad!

  13. I miss the good ol' days, too. So happy you posted. xoxo

  14. Blogging has totally changed from when I started. Most of the people I started with are either huge $ bloggers or have quit. It really was more fun years ago - oh well everything changes doesn't it.

    I often answer questions in the comments section but if someone is noreply I go to their blog and leave an answer if they've left me a question. Otherwise I try to get around to people as time permits.


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