"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Inquiring minds thursday...

...I have been in Thursday mode all day long, doing all the normal things in my routine that belong to that day.  Guess that means I don't have to do anything tomorrow OR that I have to do Wednesday in which case I will be even more confused.  It get this way when my husband gets called into work in the middle of the night on his regular day off.   I can't seem to make the switch from when he's home and when he's gone.....he doesn't know what day it is either.

I may have witnessed little Miss M's first terrible two temper tantrum.  (she's a little early but she is an over-achiever).  The little family was over here on Monday and we had been snacking on fruit (peaches) and goldfish (crackers) and I asked her mamma if I could give Miss M some juice.  Now let me just say in the nicest of ways that momma is a vegan and very strict, she also does not allow any sugar of any sort so the fact that the baby had already eaten fruit was enough sugar for the day...but I digress.  Momma said yes I could give M a "little bitty of juice but then to water it down" before giving it to her.  I poured a little juice and before I could close the fridge door momma grabbed the cup out of my hand and added three times as much water as there was juice then handed it to M.  Well,  that girl looked at that cup and then looked up at her momma, back again at the cup and then ever so s-l-o-w-l-y looked at her momma and poured the juice/water down the front of her shirt and onto the floor.  No doubt it was intentional~~~I saw her face!  I may or may not have tucked this away in my grammy memory bank.

I seem to be slowly moving into the Fall season.  More so than I feel comfortable with.  I don't know if it's the lack of Vitamin D since our sunshine was so rudely taken away ( I've got supplements) or the need for my Vitamin b12 shot (appointment next week) or any number of things that are pulling and twisting my heart right now...
I don't think this is the cry of "Mama-Pajama" (clinical depression), I'm pretty good at keeping her at bay but it is strange and different and it's almost November, the one month I wish would fall off the calendar.  I have my family on notice but I'm not sure they can keep me in check right now as they are the ones that are struggling.    Oh well, send me a good thought.

And now for my new Thursday meme..."Inquiring Minds Thursday."   Where I want to get to know you all as well as I know myself, ha.   What is your favourite Fall inspired beverage?

I'll give you my answer in my next post, until then, be kind~everyone is dealing with something.


  1. My work schedule is always changing and I often find myself wondering what day it is.

    As for beverage, I drink Coke 7 days a week. All day, everyday. If the store has it, I'll drink a glass of chocolate milk, too.

  2. Wine. :)

    I think it may be difficult for those that live where the sun almost always shines to really "get" how it feels when the rains and gray days start to pull us under. For me, if I'm already troubled by something, then the gray just adds to my angst and I don't want to face the world. On those days I hibernate. I hope November is easy on your heart.

    Love little Miss M. She's a thinker and I love it that she didn't want to settle for just a bit of juice. I know it's not funny for mama but reading this.....That same spirit will help keep her safe as she maneuvers thru her teens and young life.

    I'm in for Inquiring Minds Thursday. You will get to know more about me than you wanted to and I love getting to know more of what's inside of your heart and life.

  3. I don't change or make anything in particular for drinks. I think I do more soup in the fall than any other time.
    Monday holidays would always mess me up like that in the real world.
    Now that we're retired, if my phone (droid X, version 1) or computer didn't tell me what day it was, I wouldn't know, haha!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. I only know what day of the week it is by which students are having their lessons. When they need to change days and times it throws me completely off. I don't have a particular drink for fall but I do love hot tea but I do drink it other times of the year too so it isn't just a fall thing.
    I can only imagine little Miss M doing that. Oh my, like another friend has posted, it is rather funny just not at that time.


  5. Hi Joanne, I recently heard on the CBC (radio) about a report about childhood obesity. It said that it would be better to give children pop (or in the US, soda) before giving them any juice. The sugar content in juice if off the chart. So, I guess your daughter is correct on this one!! Dang! I heard that! lol
    Hey, I'll switch you any day our weather for yours....this time of year!!
    Hang in their missy....I think 'we' are experiencing that darn seasonal change thing! It's hard on the ole bod!

  6. OH my I had to laugh at this juice thing even though I am sure it was not funny to some. I could just visualize you, Momma and Little Miss M. Believe me I have been there. lol
    Sorry your not feeling that chipper but I too have been this way the whole month. Can't get myself back up where I should be. We will do this together and I will keep you in my prayers.
    It has been so HOT here that I have not had any fall drinks. Just thinking the other day about when it might be cold enough for Hot Chocolate.
    Love ya

  7. Hi & thanks for checking out my blog Castrophy. My drink of choice is water and good coffee, mostly water. In fall I do like to make cranberry bog, a perfect recipe for fall!
    Warms you inside but the smell in the house warms your heart.
    Ellie (Jada & Scully's slave)

  8. I certainly go through my bouts of "depression...or whatever you want to call it" as well.
    And definetly brough on by the approach of winter, long cold days and less daylight. November is hard for me as it will be 2 years then that I lost my son.
    But....we all try and persever the best we can. Find those things that inspire us, keeps us smiling and hopeful.

    That is the funniest story ever about your grandaughter. I have a book for each one of my 10 grandkids...and when they do funny, things or say funny things...or any other memorable thing they do.......I WRITE it in their book. Then when they are married, I plan to give them each their book.

    I don't think I have a favorite Fall drink ????

  9. I love curling up with a mug of warm cocoa. It warms my innards, my cold fingers and the ever-present cockles of my heart. It (almost) makes cooler weather welcome!

  10. I like Spiced Tea. We have a recipe using Tang, dry lemonade mix, instant tea, etc. and it's so easy to put the required teaspoons in your cup, add water and microwave.

    Dear Joanne, I'm being very OCD and need your mailing address for not only my Christmas card list but also to send you something. Just send it to my email dachsielvr@aol.com

    Thank you.

  11. I've been in a funk myself, it seems, as I haven't even read your post until a week late! Hang in there and try and get some sun when you can! That sure helps me!

    LOVE the story about "M". I think all of us who have grandkids can relate! I wish I had thought of writing down those events in a book for each of my grandchildren like Wendy said! What a great idea!

    As for the fall beverage, I love spiced cider, and serve it each Thanksgiving as family gathers. Love the taste and the smell of it! It just is a "feel good" drink!

    Have a good day, my friend!

  12. I read this a few days ago, and meant to get right back to leave a comment...I'm a bit late. I am a hard nosed coffee drinker(with cream these days), I have been known to have some hot cider with a bit(shot) of GoldSchloger, and I tip it off with cinnamon stick! When I use to go hunting, my McGiver would fix me one of these in the evening...it always warmed me right up.

    Maude is showing her independence...she knows what she likes, and that was the only way she knew how to show Mamma...I have to say, I agree with her, watered down juice isn't my favorite either, but that's how I use to give it to Angelo when he was here...Your friend is right about the juice calories, our school finally got rid of the juice, and specialized (sugar)I mean milk machines...:)

    My guy is hunting for the very elusive elk in the Packwood area, so I'm enjoying some quiet time...staying up way too late, eating junk...(okay nothing new), shopping even...darn I wish I had a few days off...(Yeah, next week there will be one)! Anyhoo, I've been enjoying the leaves this last couple of weeks...I noticed a standing of maples the other day, and the whole area was lit up by the yellow color they'd all turned...it was magnificant, so bright and cheery! I'm looking for more beautiful signs of Fall around me, to help me feel peppy with all these dark cloudy days we seem to be having! Big hugs, Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  13. That little girl is oh so clever. Atta Girl! lol. That's how you do it. We also need sugar in our body but to a minimum.Too much sugar isn't good for us.
    Centrifugal pump

  14. I send good thoughts.
    Coffee in the morning, tea or cider in the afternoon, milk at night. It works for me.
    I wish I could give you something for November... something to help you avoid "Mama-Pajama". Be sure to take that B12 shot. My Dad did and it helped a lot.
    Think good thoughts and do something you love.

  15. I have been reading the posts I have missed here Jojo and I feel very blessed to know and love you. I laughed with you about Miss M tiny tantrum and cried with you over your latest post. I don't know what it is like to lose a child so I won't even go there, but your beautifully written post had such a lovely reverence about it that it made me cry. I can 'hear' your heart still aching.

    sending love...


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