"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Monday, September 10, 2012

slip slidin' away...

hydrangeas from my yard last week

...every Summer I am the first girl in line waiting for Fall's return.  I don't like hot weather, sticky-sweaty clothes, flip-flops, freckles, or the danger of heat stroke every time I go outside from the reflection of my oh-so-white skin.  I don't like the beach, sun and sand, turf and surf, and I don't know how to swim.  Summer meh!

But this year something changed.  It was well into July and perhaps even August before we got any hot weather.  By then we had all given up on our gardening (too cool) and knew the growing season would be too short so we settled on Farmer's Markets and hoped they would be more successful.  And when the sunny sunshine did finally appear it was wonderful.  It was hot but I didn't mind, still didn't do beachy things.  And then it was hot for more than a few days and still I didn't mind at all, it felt good those rays of the sun.  And then by George, it lasted for over fifty days straight...a record.  And I still didn't mind...well...just a little.  It's getting old now and as much as I appreciate the extra long days of warmth I am beginning to crave Autumn.

Autumn is my favourite season and September the best month.  I've always thought of September as an in-between time, a season all it's own.  Still warm enough in the day to be comfortable and just a hint of chill in the evening but not too much that sitting on the porch becomes uncomfortable.  The In-between Season, the thrill of Friday night lights, spiced cider or pumpkin lattes, apple pies and the fair.  Of holding hands and sweet memories of young love. Leaves changing colour but still not needing to be raked up.  Cute boots and sweaters without the misery of ice and snow.  And lest we forget...no holiday stress.

I'm ready now September, come softly as a gentle rain and a cool breeze.  September always makes me feel this way. (Neil Diamond too)  How about you?


  1. The only thing I dread about autumn is what comes afterwards.

  2. Definetly my favorite time of year. I have been stacking firewood and getting the gardens mulched and ready for the cold weather to come. Love the warm days and the chilly evenings.

  3. Fall is my FAVORITE season! Warm days with the cool evenings......and HUSKER football!!!

  4. Oh- A girl after my own heart- I feel the same way and I mentioned Neil Diamond on my blog last week, too. I love his September Morn...sigh....it is hot and sunny here today- xo Diana

  5. I love Autumn and this weekend we got all that rainy, cool weather to start us off. I pulled out my fall decorations for the house, made a trip to the apple orchard and made a pie...yep, I'm ready for this season. The fair is next week and then I can plan for Halloween..another favorite time for me!

  6. I am so a fall girl too! It gets way to hot here in Michigan. We had several weeks where the weather was high 90s and low 100s in July. Way too hot for me and like you, I can burn several beautiful shades of red. I don't really tan, ever. I am so pale that I probably could be mistakened for a ghost. I hope today is beautiful for you!!!


  7. I don't like hot weather, either. Ick!
    I'm not quite in so much danger of heat stroke now that I finally sweat, but I still don't like hot. ;o)

    Have a nice evening and a wonderful week, Joanne. ♥

  8. haha caught ya!
    see? you ARE a fall girl lol

  9. Fall is my favorite time of year too! Though I love the sun, there's something magical about autumn...the cool crisp mornings, jewel colors, sweaters, leaves, school buses, I could go on!

  10. Our summers here in Alberta are too short...NOT enough of hot, sweaty days. Springs are short...and so are falls. Temp's really fell today. I'd love the lingering fall days as I loved them when I lived in utah....doesn't really happen here.
    BAM....it just gets cold

  11. I agree, fall is the best! But your hydrangeas are BEAUTIFUL!!!

  12. September is a good in between month, not too hot but yet you dont need a jacket, I prefer summer over winter but if it were September all year round, yep that would work.

  13. Love love love Fall. Just wish it didn't lead to so much rain.


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