"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Thursday, August 16, 2012

taking that first small step...

...I've been looking at this last birthday as if it was a new year, my new year.  Been doing a lot of reflecting and reminiscing.  Looking forward to making some changes in my life, nothing grandiose but things that will be meaningful for me.  Things that won't be easy as I tend to be rather shy and like it here in my little cocoon.  But I've got to take those first steps right?  Even if it is just a baby step.  Just the smallest click of a dial and a whole new world is opening up for me....

I'm moving away from the "Auto" and taking the leap to the "M."  I am on my way to better photos, to understanding my camera and to much frustration!

Choosing to be content as I look forward.


  1. Happy Birthday and good for you - the reflecting. Seems like that is the story of my life these days. I used to think that being content meant settling, but now I realize that being content is a choice to be happy and enjoy.

  2. I got a new camera for Christmas and I'm still struggling with understanding it. I find myself going back to my point and shoot because it understands me! But I'm also trying to experiment with my new one and try and learn more. Good luck on your discovery path. Sometimes one small step will lead to the elevator and you'll find yourself at the very top!

  3. LOL! Enjoy the new wild side of life;)

  4. I was scared of that manual setting but it's actually kind of fun experimenting. I think you'll like it.

  5. It is a new year for you. So grab that camera and discover your passion. Use the M, Av, Tv and the P. Ha! Then call me and explain it all to me. I'm seven years older than you and I'm still trying to figure out these cameras.

    That new header photo is wonderful so I know that you have "AUTO" under control. Now we can both learn about "M"... together.
    Happy Birthday again... and again... and again, sweetie.
    We still have quite a few good years left in us.
    Let's capture this world in a memory disc and get our shutter speed in gear.

  6. Your heading picture is delightful!!! I too, have always been shy. There are times when I've bitten the bullet, and stepped out of my comfort zone, and nobody would've ever guessed how shy I really am...I think that's why I enjoy blogging so much! If I find a comfortable blog, and feel a familarity, then I'm able to reach out...anyhoo, I'm excited for your new found braveness...I can hardly wait to see where it leads you! Big hugs, Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  7. You are braver than I am at this point but I will try to work myself up to the M setting. I am older by quite a bit and I think that works against my learning curve but I also don't like limiting myself so I may have to join you in stepping out. I will sure keep you posted.

    And happy late birthday!

  8. Have fun with your camera! I am not very good at them either.


  9. Oh my goodness...going from 5 mph to 100 are you? A bit of advice, try the TV and the AV first. Use TV when you are shooting things that move. Try different numbers and see how they are affected. Use AV for portraits and landscapes. Mess with the numbers and see how things change! Have fun!

  10. "M" all the way!! That's all I use and YOU WILL get it!! You'll get more control of what you get in the end. But it takes practice and is really no big deal.

  11. Oh yes, your new header is GREAT!


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