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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Monday, June 11, 2012

we made a list...

...we had a plan, holding it tight in out little hands, we flung open the door and headed to the shelter...just to 'see' what they had, just to 'check' on who needed rescue, just to 'look' mind you.

The last few months have been strangely quiet without our Graciela, not that she was a noisy dog but it seems to be more of her presence that I long for.  We talked about another, neither one of us sure, and then decided to keep the status quo.  Maybe we weren't ready for another dog, the commitment.  Maybe we weren't quite sure if we should invest so much of ourselves at this time in our lives, after all every dog who has ever owned us has lived about fifteen years.   So we thought about it a while longer.

And we made a list;

no males
medium sized, think beagle-ish
short hair
female only
30-40 pounds top
a rescue dog
shots and surgeries all up to date
no males
no puppies
no nippy-barky-bitey types
no pit-bulls

Holding tight to our little list we went up the hill to our local rescue shelter.  They had about thirty cats that day and four dogs.  Two were lab/pit-bull mix and one was a pit-bull.  The fourth dog was outside at the time so I peeked out into the yard, not really at all interested, and walked back out to the waiting room.  I waited a few minutes for hubs to return and when he didn't I went back to the yard area.  There he was, laying on the ground along with this rather large dog...playing.  Uh-oh.

Throw the list out the window...His name is Charlie, a 2year old water spaniel/lab mix, chocolate brown, long-wavy hair, huge feet, about 65 lbs, full of piss and vinegar, acts like he six weeks old, gentle and kind, Maude approved...and we are completely smitten.   We've had him for about two weeks now, our trial period is over, and I think he's decided to stay.   Welcome to your forever home sweet Charlie.

photos to follow.  Happy Monday!


  1. Awwww...now we need a picture of that sweet boy! xo Diana

  2. Hy doll! This is beautiful! Do you wanna follow each other on GFC? and like on facebook? Kisses from Romania!


  3. Oh that makes my heart smile! And such a good name...Charlie...my kitty boy is named that and is my furry love. Congrats!

  4. What a wonderful post!I believe you have made the right choice and Charlie also:)

  5. Awwww..Don't you just love a good love story? Congrats on your new family member and thanks for going to a shelter and rescuing one! He's a lucky pup!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Charlie sounds wonderful....hey, part lab how could he not be! lol
    Don't you just love those 'lists' Jojo!
    Charlie knows he is the luckiest dog in the Northwest! Photos please!

  7. What a great post. I am so glad you all decided to give Charlie a chance. *hugs* ♥ :o)

  8. ha ha...isn't that how it always goes. We need a picture of this new dog that has wiggled it's way into your hearts.
    I know it is a committment....but you'll loVE HIM

    ha ha..HIM
    no males...

  9. Been there, done that! I am thrilled for you, Jojo. These fellas just have a way of grabbing hold of your love don't they?!

    Have a great week ~

  10. I can't wait to see a picture of the new member of the family! Welcome home Charlie!!!


  11. poo on lists! it was love at first site! can't wait to see pictures!!

  12. "...and I think he's decided to stay. " Didn't you know that dogs, and cats, make this decision, not people.
    Well, so much for lists.
    Congratulations to the two of you... or should I say, the three of you. I'm so happy you found a dog that was "the one". Enjoy the "new" love of your life. Enjoy every moment. Charlie has chosen you and that is a big gift.
    Charming post...

  13. When it's right, it's right! I love happy endings. Congratulations!


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