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Monday, May 28, 2012

May's five...

...minimum requirements.

I haven't done a 'five' post in quite a while, well...I haven't done much posting lately but I will try to catch up soon, and today I've got something rattling around my little head so here goes.

I recently read an article about a former pop star who was quite darling when she first started her career (is it a career if you are still in high school?) but like so many young stars they begin to age and with fame and fortune comes some very un-lady-like behaviour.  So it seems that a come back was not in her future and the only thing left to do is become a judge on a summertime singing contest type program.  (x-factor).

Now according to my sources, in addition to being paid 15 million $$$ to do this gig, the little princess has some other requirements.  Not only must she have her trainer, masseuse, nutritionist, stylist, manicurist, body guard, make up artist, and best friend by her side at all times, she must, MUST have available to her in her dressing room:
fried chicken (10 pieces thank you) soda (diet and regular), Doritos (assorted flavours in individual packets), bowls of chips, 4 pints of potato salad, and twelve vases of Magnolia blossoms.....

This got me to thinking, because that's what I do when I bored, and I began to wonder what my minimum requirements would be if I were given the chance to behave like a diva, or just a regular person with minimum requirements that don't include water, food, air, shelter.  Just what would I need to have in my dressing room to be able to function each day for a few hours?

1. a driver; to get me to my dressing room each day.  (aka hubby)
2. since I've never had a Mani/pedi or a massage, I might need someone for that (not hubby).
3. puffy Cheetos and real Pepsi (on a silver platter).
4. water, nuts, fruit, cheese, salmon, salads, chocolate.
5. a window that opens and someone to open it for me. (again the hubs)

....quite honestly I thought this would be easy.  Just a fun, ha-ha, post to see how ridiculous I could be in my greed.  Truth be told I'm not a greedy person and it does not appeal to me at all to think that I could make such silly demands on people. I guess I'll leave it to the divas!   How about you?


  1. I think it is just crazy the way some of these so called "stars" act and they things they demand. I'm with you- My demand list would be pretty short. I have a hard time accepting help of any kind, even when I need it...so I will not be applying for any diva positions soon. Have a great day- xo Diana

  2. And then you need to change your name to Britney. She is a piece of work.

  3. So it is Ms.Spears!! I was thinking the other one that is in and out of rehab all the time......?
    This certainly makes me think if I am demanding or not....not to that extreme anyway! lol

  4. What is it that Britney Spears does. What is she famous for besides bad behavior? Who would pay her 15 million dollars to be on a show? WHAT IS SHE GETTING PAID TO DO?
    I missed something here. I wanted to be a great actress... (and I could act). I don't get it.
    The word "Diva" has changed a lot. It use to mean an opera star, now it means anyone who lives life in the fast lane and exhibits bad behavior... Pretty folks with substance abuse and no self control.
    What a shame...
    All I would have asked for was a good manager and a good accountant... and I would have needed an open window too.

  5. That is just insane, her requirements. I don't think I could live in their world although when I was younger I did want to be a great singer. (like the farmlady - I can really sing, not just think so) I am a private music teacher now and love it. I do like your list of 5's though.


  6. I've got to go pull the potatoes out of the oven but this post is fabulous. I will be back in all my diva glory.

  7. I can't believe I have had a hard time with this. I must be a closet Diva because my needs seem so few.

    1. A Zumba instructor with 10 of my fun gym buddies to dance with me.

    2. Chocolate - No explanation necessary.

    3. Assorted fruits but no papaya. Extra apples since I crave one every day.

    4. A TV so that I can watch Lifetime movies (that's a secret in my world so if you tell anyone I will have to kill you) and Sister Wives.

    5. A therapist to help me figure out why I like Lifetime movies and Sister Wives. I think my IQ may be a bit on the low side.

    6. And last but most important, Steve. Where would I be without my knight to keep me grounded when my Diva goes wild and I get too big for my britches.

  8. Isn't it sad what fame does Jojo? Thank goodness not all celebs are this nuts.
    Hey, I thought I was the only woman in the world who had never had a mani/pedi or massage! DO you think we are missing something??? :)
    If I do get to rich and famous for no real good reason, will you come and bring me my diet coke?
    sending hugs...

  9. I am simply amazed. I have heard a couple stories about stars who have demand lists........I cannnnot believe it. I am shocked. I will be thinking about this one for a good, long while. If I could have a diva demand list I think I'd want somebody to wash my car. It's a job I hate and I really, really like a nice, clean car. It doesn't happen often due to the "hate to do that job" thing... and more time to spend with my family. It seems it zips by so quickly........ Oh, and filling my little pill do-hickie once a week. I don't like to do that either. Yep, now that I think about it, I have some really big demands. :-)

    Have a wonderful weekend........maybe we'll get some sunshine... Hoping. Hoping. Hoping.


  10. I'm chuckling about Cheetos on a silver platter. Also thinkin'that little diva's gonna become big one if she keeps eating fried chicken and doritos. She may need her personal trainer to snatch those drumsticks out of her nicely manicured hands! Me...well, perhaps a barista to make me all manner of fancy drinks; wifi and a great computer, music, massages, yoga instructor, my children and grands whenever they wish to be there, salmon and cream cheese bagels, a swimming pool...

  11. What would I want in the dressing room?

    1. coffee
    2. lunch delivered from a local restaurant for all the staff
    3. fresh flowers (to be given away at the end of the day...again to a staff member)
    4. a comfy chair- NO TV or anything that makes noise
    5. a window that opens

    geez, I'm simple.

  12. You certainly aren't greedy. If hubs gets tired of opening the window or driving you around I am available. lol
    Don't get me started on the waste that movie stars, pop stars and athletes do every day when so many people are homeless and hungry.
    Sorry Ms Pearl was slipping out.
    Hope your having a diva of a week

  13. I'm in agreement--and Grandma Yellowhair--certainly with you! This girl has a problem, and she already HAS money, I would think! I thought--when she was doing those videos in the Catholic school girl outfits and those sexy moves, and a much more mature voice than she should have had--- someone ought to put the brakes on this girl. They were, though, making lots of money off her so unfortunately they didn't. So she just got more demanding and more crazy...it's sad what stardom does to most people. I wouldn't want it for the price they pay. SHe's got two sons, and who is raising them--her or that no-good husband of hers? UGH!

  14. Did my comment not get published? I feel sorry for her, kinda--but she was promoted as a sex kitten when she was 12--so I don't know what else we'd expect of her. She's just pushing for those little Cheetos and what-nots because that's what a "star" does, I guess. I feel sorry for her two boys.

  15. I've tried to comment twice, jojo! I don't know what;s going on. I'll just say--I feel sorry for her two boys--I don't know how they'll grow up!

  16. Wow, wonder if I should do a demand list? I wonder if I did do a demand list, if anyone would care!??? Good Grief!

  17. I wonder if I should have a demand list. And, if I did have a demand list, would anyone care? Good grief!


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